GIRL GETS KIDNAPPED will take you to a journey of some unexpected twists & turns like never before!

The author’s imagination runs amok the dark webs, which not every reader has the stomach to digest. Like his debut novel, Girl Behind the Glass, this book is written in a manner that is meant to cause discomfort to the readers.  “Girl Gets Kidnapped” deals with the reality of the Hindu-Muslim relationship in India, but […]

How To Create A Perfect Author’s Bio

The funny thing behind this write-up is that since last couple of years now, many of the debutant Authors have started approaching me in order to get their Author’s Bio written in a professional manner. While now I seriously am tired with these kinds of requests, so through article my aim is to guide the […]

How To Obtain Copyright For Your Book

Ever since, Self Publishing have become widely accepted, the process of obtaining Copyright for one’s own book is now a commonly searched topic! Nowadays the Indie Authors often discuss the methods of obtaining the copyrights for their written work before publishing and releasing their work. Often one good thing leads to another good thing; it […]

Digital Author Dashboards For Royalty Transparency

This mechanism of the Author Dashboard in order to view the ‘Sales Figures’ as well as the ‘Accumulation of the Royalty’ digitally is probably a boon for the Authors of the today’s generation. There is a great percentage of chance that you might be an Author if you are reading this article, upon the Author […]

Book Review: What’s on my mind A-Z edition by Jiya Gupta

Words flow into emotions, and emotions weave themselves into introspective thoughts as one flips through Jiya Gupta’s, What’s on my mind A-Z edition. The two lines in the dedication foreshadow the interestingly intimate approach of this anthology of 26 poems and art therapy activities. Its mesmerizing to see how the most basic element of the […]

Book Recommendations For New Year’s Resolutions: Our Reading List For Every Goal You Set

The new year is the perfect time for reinvention—and more reading! It’s still the season for self-invention. The beginning of January means making new promises to ourselves, letting go of the past year, and, most importantly, reflecting on what we want out of the year ahead.  The following reads are perfect to inspire the New […]

Book Review A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum by Arnab Basu

As the Indian economy is progressing, new ideas have been developing ever since the idea of encouraging business for development came to light. Hence, innovation was bound to see the light of the day, and so were the disadvantages that accompanied it. “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” by Arnab Basu […]

How To Improve The Kindle Ranking Of Your E-Book

Ever since, the Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP has made it’s identity among the Indie Authors as a platform for self publishing the Electronic Books, a race has been started; The race of making a position for oneself on Kindle amongst the Authors! Well, with each day this race is getting much more complex and […]

The Rise Of Book Business With JIO Mart

The rise of ‘Book Business’ is truly an awesome news not only for all those who are directly or indirectly related to the field of writing and publishing, but also for all the book lovers and avid readers. As it is ultimately the book lovers and the hard-core readers who decides the fate of the […]

How To Utilise Instagram For Book Promotions

If you are using any platform of social media simply for the purpose of entertainment then I would not hesitate to tell you that you are wasting a huge amount of time and a grand opportunity, which is right in front of you! In today’s date and time almost everyone, be it an organization or […]