Book Review – Inner Alchemy (Tales from the Awareness Journey Series Book 1) by Selvan Srinivasan 

Book Title – Inner Alchemy  Author Name –  Selvan Srinivasan Number of Pages – 264 Well, it is indeed noteworthy that this title, “Inner Alchemy” by Author Selvan Srinivasan is penned down as an inspirational tale. The book portrays a truly captivating story, which revolves around the primary character, Ayushi. Without a shred of doubt, […]

“Mar-Tech: A Marriage Made on Earth” by Amit Tiwari is a literary jewel that takes readers on a captivating journey through the intertwined realms of marketing and technology

Title: “Mar-Tech: A Marriage Made on Earth” Author: Amit Tiwari Pages: 202Publisher: Notion Press Buy now In terms of showcasing creativity and its application to abstract things, “Mar-Tech: A Marriage Made on Earth” by Amit Tiwari is a literary jewel that takes readers on a captivating journey through the intertwined realms of marketing and technology. Tiwari’s […]


Title: Namma Bangalore : The Soul of a MetropolisAuthor: Shoba NarayanPages: 272 Publisher: Rupa Publications India Pvt LtdBuy now About the book: In her vibrant and insightful prose, Shoba Narayan offers a compelling glimpse into the distinctive essence of Bangalore, a city she has called home for nearly two decades. “Namma Bangalore” comprises a collection of […]

Book Review: Lovestruck by Pratyush Madhav

Title: LovestruckAuthor: Pratyush MadhavPages: 152Publisher: Bluerose PublisherBuy now Love is an indescribably beautiful emotion, one that transcends words and touches the depths of our being. Yet, within the intricate tapestry of love, one must navigate through numerous trials. It is through overcoming these trials within a relationship that love finds its endurance. However, love is […]

Book Review: “The Power of Curiosity: In and Beyond Classrooms” by Anita Karwal ,Rashi Sharma, Rajnish Kumar

Title: “The Power of Curiosity: In and Beyond Classrooms”Author: Anita Karwal ,Rashi Sharma, Rajnish KumarPages: 348Publisher: HarperCollins IndiaBuy now “The Power of Curiosity: In and Beyond Classrooms” is an enchanting work of fiction that delves into the uncharted territories of unconventional learning and the remarkable role that curiosity plays in shaping young minds. With the […]

Book Review: “Dancers in the Dark: In the darkness of her skin, she found light” by Ejaz Ahamed

About the Author: Born in India, Ejaz Ahamed lived in the UAE until early adulthood before moving to Australia. His passion for exploring social injustices and racial inequalities influenced his writings. In the past, he wrote poems about life, the world and its complexities. This is his debut novel. After studying at The University of […]

Outstanding children’s books for August

Books for children to read in August In a world where imagination knows no bounds and curiosity fuels endless adventures, books have the remarkable power to transport children to enchanting realms, teach important life lessons, and spark a lifelong love for reading. From whimsical tales of talking animals to thrilling journeys through magical lands, the […]

Unveiling ‘Mesmerizing Melodies’ – A Masterpiece by Suvalagna Chandra

Book Name: Mesmerizing Melodies Author Name: Suvalagna Chandra Link: About the book –  Mesmerizing Melodies is a breathtaking debut book by Suvalagna Chandra, featuring 50 captivating poems accompanied by stunning illustrations. Suvalagna’s passion for writing is evident throughout the book, as she expertly weaves together words to evoke deep emotions in her readers. The […]

Book Review – “Ponder Awhile, Message From The Light” By Mohit K. Misra

Book: Ponder Awhile – Message From The Light Author: Mohit K. Misra Publisher: Notion Press (2021) Total Pages: 98 Amazon link: Contributing to the literary genre called poetry, this amazing title “Ponder Awhile – Message From The Light”authored by poet Mohit K. Misra is undoubtedly a reflection of the author’s self as happy or […]

Book Review: Rejoice in Adversity, Triumph in War by Rajpal Punia

Title: Rejoice in Adversity, Triumph in War : A Military MemoirAuthor: Rajpal PuniaPages: 280 Publisher: HarperCollins IndiaBook now “Rejoice in Adversity, Triumph in War” is a captivating and electrifying military memoir by Major General Rajpal Punia. Through a collection of fascinating anecdotes spanning almost four decades in the Indian army, Punia takes readers on a thrilling […]