Criticspace has a complete knowledge and in-depth understanding of marketing and branding cycle. We showcase the theory of everything, starting from pre-submission peer review till response to reviewers. Our reviewers are well qualified to understand the book and to review the books in depth. 

We are a committed team of book reviewers, author interviewers, magazine reviewers, who let your book reach to the target readers by providing genuine and perfect reviews. So far we have done lots of book reviews and our readers are very much satisfied with the same.

Who Are We?

Our Specificity

We are Book Reviewers. We review the books if we found it necessary for the readers. We are always looking for good books for review and you are always welcome to submit yours. 

We focus on quality more than quantity. Our aim is to promote the literature and we are at best on this. We have a great panel of reviewers who are waiting for your book.

The Best Price and Services

High Quality Solution

Mainly we do not charge for the reviews if we find books to be extra ordinary. Sometimes, we do charge small convenient fee for the set of services like book reviews, author interviews. 

Quality is our prime responsibility when we work any project in hand. We take time of around 10-15 days to read and review books. Reviews are released on Criticspace and some other partnered platforms. 

Criticspace Dedicated Team

Why Choose Us

Maximum Readers

Get maximum readers with us. Our reviews are reaching to millions of readers via our blogs.

Quality Assurance

Our reviews are well drafted by the experts after reading the book twice by book review experts.

Team Suport

There is always a team for you to support in every literary aspect. You are always free to contact us.

Author Talks

We love to talk with authors and we always look forward to have something new in this. You are welcome for the author interviews.