The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi

Title: The Indian Metropolis: Deconstructing India’s Urban SpacesAuthor: Feroze Varun GandhiPages: 842Publisher: Rupa PublicationsBuy now About the book: A monumental work that shows how economic vitality can go hand-in-hand with creating vibrant cities offering a haven for cultural and intellectual expression.For most urban Indians, the past few years have been unsettling—we have seen neighbourhoods locked […]

Made In India: 75 Years of Business and Enterprise by Amitabh Kant

Title: Made In India: 75 Years of Business and EnterpriseAuthor: Amitabh KantPages: 240Publisher: Rupa Publications  Buy now India has a different and dynamic business scene, with a blend of enormous partnerships, little and medium-sized undertakings, and new companies. The country’s economy has gone through massive changes in ongoing many years, with financial advancement approaches prompting […]

THE BEE, THE BEETLE AND THE MONEY BUG: The Bankbazaar Guide to the Financial Wild by Adhil Shetty, A.R. Hemant

How should you save? Where should you invest? is your insurance enough? how do you start on the journey of fulfilling your aspirations?The financial world is a jungle of sorts. Dangers lurk everywhere. So how can you foray into this jungle to feast on its bounties but stay clear of the traps? Adhil Shetty, the co-founder and chief […]

Never split the difference – Book Review

We negotiate every single day. Whether it is negotiating how we spend our free time with our families, our workloads with our boss or getting a better deal on that huge contract you have had in the pipeline for months. So, it stands to reason that improving our negotiation skills can be a great way […]

Book review : Shoe Dog – A Memoir by the Creator of Nike

Many books I’ve read about entrepreneurs follow a common, and I believe misleading, storyline. It goes like this: A sharp entrepreneur gets a world-changing idea, develops a clear business strategy, recruits a crack team of partners, and together they rocket to fame and riches. Reading these accounts, I’m always struck by how they make their […]

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham – Book Review & Summary!

Book Summary The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham, also referred to as the bible of the stock market, was originally written in 1949 by Benjamin Graham, a legendary investor and also known as the father of value investing. Interesting, Benjamin Graham was also the mentor and professor of the well-known billionaire investor, Warren Buffett. The […]

Leadership in 100 Words” by Mainak Dhar

Introduction – Ever since the pandemic has hit everyone’s lives, everyone has been looking for a ray of hope that could catapult their lives to the better days. For that, the essential ingredient is to have clarity of thought in the first place. This would eventually lead to being motivated and driven, thereafter also chalking […]

Retirement Planning by R K Mohapatra

Financial planning is not something one can afford to take for granted, and planning finances is something that has to be done judiciously and with prudence. The question of having planned one’s life financially always lurks in the back of people’s minds throughout their lives. Finance is an integral part of everyone’s lifetime, and if […]

Book Review – Invest In Digital – Prakash Arya – Criticspace Journals

Doing business is not everyone’s cup of tea, rather it is something specifically designed for risk-takers. It doesn’t matter if you run a small grocery shop or chair a big corporate, business is all about passionate growth in boosting your profit margin. But does it always happen? Losing out a business at some point in […]