Author Vikram Seth – A Literary Luminary

There is ertainly no doubt that the name of Author Vikram Seth holds the utmost amount of \espect in the literary world. Vikram Seth is a renowned Indian Author, Poet & Novelist who has captured the hearts and minds of readers worldwide with his exceptional storytelling as well as lyrical prose. Born on June 20, […]

Reading material for May

Reading material for May Reading books can be a great way to unwind, educate yourself, and discover new worlds. There are many choices whether you’re looking for fiction, non-fiction, self-help, or any other category. Here are some recommendations for novels you might want to think about reading in May: Faf Throght Fire by Faf Du […]

The Top 10 Romantic Fiction Novels Of All Time

The Top 10 Romantic Fiction Novels Of All Time Interestingly, Romantic Fiction Novels have captivated readers for centuries, offering a delightful escape into the realm of love, passion, and emotion. The genre has produced numerous timeless classics that continue to enthrall readers across generations. In this write-up, we shall be exploring the Top 10 Romantic […]

The Top 10 Literary Magazines Of India

+ The Top 10 Literary Magazines Of India India is a land rich in literary traditions, with a vibrant and diverse literary scene. Literary Magazines play a crucial role in promoting and showcasing the works of talented writers, poets, and artists. These literary magazines also serves as the platforms for the emerging voices by providing […]

How Does Reaching Out To Blogs Helps In The Promotion Of Your Books

How Does Reaching Out To Blogs Helps In The Promotion Of Your Books When you are an author, you simply tend to explore the various ways to tell the world about your books and it is a wonderful thing too. More importantly, telling the world about your books is a necessity as well, since the […]

Mother’s Day – Celebration Of An Eternal Bond Of Love & Gratitude

Introduction: Mother’s Day is a special occasion celebrated worldwide to honour and appreciate mothers and mother figures for their selfless love, care, and sacrifices. It is a day dedicated to expressing gratitude and acknowledging the immense influence that mothers have on our lives. In this article, we shall delve into the history, significance and celebrations […]

Book Review – ‘A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change’ by an Indian Administrative Service Officer Ashish Kundra

Title: A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of ChangeAuthor: Ashish KundraPages: 236Publisher: HarperCollins IndiaBuy now: Ashish Kundra, an IAS official, spent eight years working in the Northeast, which gave him the idea for his most recent book, “A Resurgent Northeast: Narratives of Change.” In this book, he talks about the people of the Northeast who are emerging from the shadows […]

Renowned Journalist / Author Vaidehi Taman Delivers Another Bestseller as “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha”

Love in true sense does not have any definition or boundaries that would define a person’s feeling. Vaidehi Taman’s “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha” is a gripping tale of unconventional love that is as much about emotions as it is about ego. Through the tale, the author explores love that is based on a solidified […]

Practical Tips For Authors To Engage With The Readers’ Community

Practical Tips For Authors To Engage With The Readers’ Community In today’s digital age, where countless books are published every single day, it is crucial for the authors to seek the attention of the readers. Moreover, the modern days authors also need to engage with the readers’ community on a regular basis, since the competition […]

Defining Actual Music

Music plays a very crucial role in our lives; since music is an incredible medium to express our emotions. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to express our emotions. Well, music is conveyed to us in several forms, with Concerts being one of the most popular mediums. However, when we think about modern-day’s […]