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If you write only because you love to, you won’t need to bother with marketing. But if you are publishing by yourself and wish to be read by as many among your target audience as possible, you will have to learn an additional skill—how to market your books. It would help to be clear about your goals at the outset, because effective book marketing takes some early planning and effort.

For authors, (book marketing & book promotion) essentially involves drawing and engaging your target audience by sharing more about yourself and your book. It really is as simple as communicating. But it involves work. Here we provide the book promotion ideas that will improve your book’s visibility among your target audience and help you sell more books.

Since 2019, we’ve forged a reputation as one of the finest book promotion agencies in the industry. Boasting the most prolific and successful track record of book publicity in the industry, Criticspace Literary Journal has worked with thousands of books and authors, both traditionally and self-published, from every genre. Through innovative strategies and book publicity services, combined with unique book promotion ideas, we’ve revolutionized the art of making books and authors newsworthy.

Based on the book and an author’s goals, we focus our efforts to:

• Spark book sales
• Build and enhance author brands
• Create interest for speaking engagements
• Enable authors/experts to use their books and media coverage as marketing tools to attract new business, consulting opportunities and other opportunities.


A Resurgent Northeast

The Dalliance With Destiny By Aman Singh Maharaj

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The Age Of Ascent By Yogi Mahajan

 “Vedanti- Ek Aghori Prem Katha”






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Criticspace Literary Journal helps authors promote their books to the Target Audience. Aashi Dewangan, Director of Criticspace, work is remarkable. Her professional attitude towards the job will help the Authors promote their books to the target audience quickly. I have recently promoted my two bestselling books, “Mutual Funds: A powerful investment avenue for Individuals” and “Retirement planning: A simple guide for individuals” through Criticspace. All the work they provided was outstanding. I like their commitments to the work and the best communication, which is not comparable to others.

By Financial Expert & Author R K Mohapatra


It was such a smooth collaboration and professional experience with the team of Aashi. The way you made the detailed analysis of my book “Situational Sins” would be something I would always love to shelf for my self-motivation. You made justice to the word you had promised, and I’m glad that you equally liked my Novel. Those who think about having a Collab, have no second thought. It’s truly worth it!



“It has been a great experience. Highly supportive and proactive agent. Criticspace provides the best solutions for authors to achieve their literary dreams”

Author Nihar Bhonsule

Best Selling Author

My association with Criticspace Journal has turned out to be a positive move for my literary career. Authenticity is the driving factor that makes them stand out in the crowd. Aashi Dewangan is a very supportive person at Criticspace. If you are looking for genuine and unbiased reviews, switch to Criticspace.

Margesh Bhushan Rai

Bestselling Author

Aashi and her team at criticspace journal do an impressive job of helping authors, present their passions, knowledge in well-conceived, professionally published interviews and articles. I am extremely happy to refer them.
Keep up the good work!

Reema Nakra

Author Entrepreneur, Founder – TSMC, Delhi

My first point of contact with Criticspace was Aashi Dewangan who interviewed me. She introduced me to Criticspace the organization she is working with. Initially, I was not very enthusiastic. I was a bit skeptical. I was not very sure how my interview arranged at Criticspace would turn out to be. it is natural to be skeptical.., but when my interviewer Aashi Dewangan sent me the structured questionnaire for my approval, I could make out that there is depth in what she has in her questions. IT exhibited professionalism and hard work put in I was very impressed. -It is said the organization is as good as the people working in it, Her professionalism mirrors the professionalism of the organization’s critcspace. I will not hesitate to recommend the Critispace to anyone who wishes to be interviewed, wants books to be reviewed, or any other assignment like editing, proofreading, book reviews, etc. I wish Aashi and Critcspace all success in whatever they are doing do and plan to do.

Saiyid Safdar Abbas Zaidi

International Author

I really enjoyed working with you. You were very efficient and prompt at every step of the process. However, what I liked best was the constant contact and communication.

Soham Mukherjee


Criticspace Literary Journals is where you get unbiased reviews.

Vihang A Naik


About your services, I will say you guys do a remarkable job and the best part is your entire team know what they do. Your review team provides honest and genuine reviews. While working with you guys my Book ‘Seven’ saw great heights and became a bestseller. I am thankful and really appreciate all the efforts you and your team puts in to make a good book reach its audience. I recommend Criticspace to everyone and will keep recommending it in the future as well.

Prashant Kaul

Best Selling Author

Criticspace Journals team is a highly professional team. They are constantly in search of new talents in the writing field. Their team of the review board is well qualified. I realized that they do a critical assessment of the writer’s work, and are able to appreciate the essence of their work. That’s why their reviews are very comprehensive and well-rounded. I would strongly recommend any writer or author to look forward to their services. I wish all the best to the Criticspace Journals team in all their future endeavors.

Sambit Daspatnaik

Best Selling Author

Criticspace Journals are easily one of the most professional agencies I have dealt with in the process of promoting my two books “A Friend Like Karna” and “The Times We Live In”. They are unbiased, prompt and work at high-efficiency levels without the need for reminders. I am happy to recommend them to fellow authors and readers who want an honest opinion.

Madhav Thapar

Best Selling Author

The Criticspace team is professional, prompt, and responsive. They are passionate about the books. They bring beautiful insights in carefully crafted reviews and author interviews. They have a great team of bloggers. They are a 360 degrees stop for everything that an author needs to make their works known to the target audience.

Dr. Vipin Gupta

International Author Global Management, California State University