Central Places: A Novel by Delia Cai

Title: Central Places: A NovelAuthor: Delia Cai Pages: 288Publisher: Ballantine Books  Buy now About the book: A young woman’s past and present collide when she brings her white fiancé home to meet her Chinese immigrant parents in this vibrant debut from an exciting new voice in fiction. Audrey Zhou left Hickory Grove, the tiny central […]

5 Best Books to Combat Depression

5 Best Books to Combat Depression What is Depression? Depression is a perplexing feeling that can be hard to characterize or completely understand. At its center, forlornness is the sensation of being disengaged from others, whether genuinely orinwardly. An all-inclusive encounter can influence anybody, paying little heed to progress in years, orientation, or foundation. Depression […]

Bad Liars -One Murder Three Liars by Vikrant Khanna

Title: Bad Liars -One Murder Three LiarsAuthor: Vikrant KhannaPages: 216Publisher: Penguin Metro Reads  Buy now About the book: When the dead body of a famous fund manager, Anant Kapoor, is found in his house, it isn’t hard for the police to pin the murder on his wife. She has no alibi, and she is the […]

The Indian Metropolis by Feroze Varun Gandhi

Title: The Indian Metropolis: Deconstructing India’s Urban SpacesAuthor: Feroze Varun GandhiPages: 842Publisher: Rupa PublicationsBuy now About the book: A monumental work that shows how economic vitality can go hand-in-hand with creating vibrant cities offering a haven for cultural and intellectual expression.For most urban Indians, the past few years have been unsettling—we have seen neighbourhoods locked […]

Books that Steve Jobs has suggested

Books that Steve Jobs has suggested A college dropout who with his intelligence, hard work, and dedication changed the technology business to a whole new level. Steven Paul Jobs, born on 24th February was brought up by adoptive parents who loved him unconditionally and supported him with all his decisions. Despite not being so financially […]

Top 10 Universities in India

Top 10 Universities in India Today, when success is determined by how well you perform in a given area, it is crucial for students to pick the right university because it will enable them to explore their interests and seize opportunities from their first years of college. A competitive, innovative, and so forth-friendly atmosphere is […]

Made In India: 75 Years of Business and Enterprise by Amitabh Kant

Title: Made In India: 75 Years of Business and EnterpriseAuthor: Amitabh KantPages: 240Publisher: Rupa Publications  Buy now India has a different and dynamic business scene, with a blend of enormous partnerships, little and medium-sized undertakings, and new companies. The country’s economy has gone through massive changes in ongoing many years, with financial advancement approaches prompting […]

5 Books to Read on Holi

5 Books to Read on Holi What is Holi and how it is celebrated in India? Do you understand what Holi is in India? The Holi Festival of Colors in India commemorates the defeat of the demoniac Holika and the triumph of virtue over evil. Every year, it is observed on the day following the […]

Top Literary Agents of India

Top Literary Agents of India Who is a Literary Agent? A literary agent is someone who helps writers get their stories made into books. A good literary agent helps raise the stories of authors and choose the best one for them which will help the author to reach the correct audience and get the right […]

How To Get More Book Reviews

How To Get More Book Reviews In today’s world, the total reviews count of a title on various Online Platforms acts as a measure to determine that wheatear the book is being loved by the readers or not. In this world of digitalization, the count of book reviews on online marketplaces acts as social proof […]