QUESTIONNARIRE – For Author Anupama Ravindran Menon By Neel Preet at Criticspace Journal

Author’s Background: Author Anupama Ravindran Menon, is known for the romantic biographical title, ‘Dear Manusha: Yours Truly, Now And Forever’ that got published & released worldwide by Notion Press. The book is available in both paperback as well as in e-book format & the readers can find this remarkable title on any of the online […]

An Exclusive Interview Dr. Haseena Chokiyil

Criticspace: Before we begin with the interview, I would like to extend warm congratulations from our team for “The Kintsugi Moms: Transformative Insights from a Healer’s Diary.” It seems to have become quite a sensation soon after its publication. How do you feel about it? Dr Haseena Chokkiyil: For a debut author this is the […]

Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

After having written so many books is it safe to say that project VIPIN has become representative of you as an author? Project VIPIN is one dimension of me as an author.   I have authored several projects in the past, notably the GLOBE project on culture, leadership, and organizations in 62 societies, and the CASE […]

Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

Tell us a little bit about your idea behind the 11th book in the series. The eleventh book in the series is the Exchange Factor.   The exchange factor is a child with the possibility to exchange everyone’s natural reality with his supernatural reality.   By diverging from the natural, a child forces everyone’s followership of his […]

Meet Hasnain Shawl – A Budding writer

Soudia Parveen: A heartfelt congratulation for the publication of your book “The Exhilarated Soul”. How has been the responses towards the book till now? Hasnain Shawl:  Pretty much good, getting your first book out at such a young age is a discussion worth considering for each person, especially who is grappling with the field of […]

An Interview with the Author Of the Book- “Whirlpool”

Author’s Background: Author Ridhima Joshi, uses the pronouns She/They. They are a Poet from Mumbai, India, and wrote their first poem at age of thirteen, from start until now – as of 2022, they have been writing for seven years. In its inception, they would write on the global writers’ app Wattpad that served as […]

An Interview with Sanjeev Bansal

About The Author – Sanjeev Bansal is a young and emerging poet, writer, and author of the new novel The Taste of Midnight. The novel is spine-chiller/ mystery-themed. It’s a tale about a man who battles with his psyche and heart to substantiate himself unadulterated against his female closest companion’s affirmations. He writes out his […]

Interview with Author of the Book ‘To The World Of Happiness’ Author Jithin Shaju

Author’s Background: Author, Jithin Shaju was born on 1st of July 1991 in the state of Kerala, in Southern India, He is a self inspired, visual eyed writer and an avid dreamer. The author is the eldest child in his family among the three and he got graduated from Mahatma Gandhi University. While after his […]

An Exclusive Interview with Sameen Rashid Khan Author of Book ‘Rendezvous in Rehab’

About The Author – Sameen Rashid Khan (now Sameen Danish Sayyed) is a Profesional Writer, Public Speaker, and Mental Health Worker, residing in the satellite city of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She is the daughter of Mohd. Rashid Khan, a Civil Engineer and Businessman by profession (also a closet writer), and Mrs. Yasmeen Khan. Both […]