The Biography of Agyeya by Award-Winning Author Akshaya Mukul

Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition and publication of multiple award-winning author, Akshaya Mukul’s Writer, Rebel, Soldier, Lover: The Many Lives of Agyeya. The story of one of the most brilliant personalities of Indian literature is coming out in the English language in July 2022 under the Vintage imprint and is currently available on all major […]

An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Snehasish Dutta

Que: Firstly, Big Congratulations on your book, “DISCOVERIES WITH COACHING – Executive and Life Coaching!” What responses are you getting from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book. Dr. Snehasish Dutta: Thank you so much and thanks to The Literature Today group. My book was launched in January across all leading […]

Geetanjali Shree is first Indian winner of an International Booker Prize

Tomb of Sand, the story of an elderly widow thinking back on the 1947 partition of British India into India and Pakistan, was originally written in Hindi and translated by Daisy Rockwell. It is a long book, a novel of enormous intelligence, often digressive and essay­istic rather than driven by plot. It is ambitious, trying […]

National best-selling author, Stuti Changle introduces her third novel, Where The Sun Never Sets

National best-selling author, Stuti Changle, unveils her new novel, Where the Sun Never Sets. Published by Penguin Random House India, it is currently available on pre-order on e-commerce websites. Set in the context of COVID-19 lockdown, Where the Sun Never Sets is a riveting personal account of unforgettable childhood dreams, turbulent teenage years, complicated close […]

Leadership in 100 Words” by Mainak Dhar

Introduction – Ever since the pandemic has hit everyone’s lives, everyone has been looking for a ray of hope that could catapult their lives to the better days. For that, the essential ingredient is to have clarity of thought in the first place. This would eventually lead to being motivated and driven, thereafter also chalking […]

Book Review – URMILA, The Forgotten Princess, Author Smriti Dewan

The Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are a huge part of our culture and society. So much so that quite a few books have been written as their retellings. Screenwriter-producer-turned debut author Smriti Dewan’s book ‘Urmila: The Forgotten Princess’, which released in April this year, is one such new addition to the mytho-fiction genre in […]

Rahul Bajaj: An Extraordinary Life|Official Biography of the chairman of Bajaj Group

From Bajaj’s mother’s incarceration during India’s struggle for freedom to his own personal life, his journey in becoming one of the most well-regarded business personalities in the world, this book opens a window to the eventful life of the celebrated business leader and former parliamentarian. Standing tall at 6 feet, Rahul Bajaj was a towering […]

Book Review | Meet The Real You | Chetan Bansal

Divided into 3 parts, this book MEET THE REAL YOU functions on two levels. Firstly, it is a blueprint to reboot one’s life and a recipe to find meaning and purpose in existing. Hence, it pushes people away from merely existing into truly living their life holistically. Chetan Bansal works around a simple belief: Life […]

Book Review – Two Faced Three Knives by Sairam Subramanian

“Life can be too mysterious sometimes and one cannot even imagine what results would occur when those mysteries would be unveiled. One can only hope that the mysteries would result for something sweet and pleasant!”     Well, before starting the review of this amazing title, “Two Faced Three Knives” by Author Sairam Subramanian, let me […]

Book Review |Back to School: A Useful Guide to Navigate through the Pandemic |by Lavitha Vaz & Shalini Mukund

Prior to a couple of years ago, no one could have anticipated the sea change that would be touching people’s lives and changing them forever. This became far more apparent when the world was struck by the pandemic, and everyone was adapting to the never thought change. As the adults shifted to the work from […]