1. After having written so many books is it safe to say that project VIPIN has become representative of you as an author?

Project VIPIN is one dimension of me as an author.   I have authored several projects in the past, notably the GLOBE project on culture, leadership, and organizations in 62 societies, and the CASE project on the family business models in ten different cultural clusters of the world.   I have also authored textbook projects, notably on strategy and global leadership.   There are other projects I will author in future.

  • Do you think your handbooks and the concept of project VIPIN is going to be life changing for readers?

Yes, once the readers take time to understand and process what is illuminated in project VIPIN, they will be able to give a fresh direction to their life.  They will be able to live a life full of meaning, purpose, goal, and joy.   They will experience freedom from false notions, false assumptions, false ideals, false theories, and false beliefs. 

  • Is Dr. Gupta more of a biologist or a mathematician?

Dr. Gupta is an investigator investigating the secrets of mathematics within the biology for advancing our knowledge of mathematics as well as biology.  Biology is the science of transformation of forms into diverse forms.  Mathematics illuminates the potential of each form to organize those diverse forms within itself without transformation.  We are an organization of the diverse forms of cells.  Over our lifetime, we take diverse forms from a baby, to adult, to an elderly by transforming the form we take while in the womb of our mother. 

  • How different is this series from any other nonfiction series?

The series Project VIPIN comprises twelve books that dismantle the fiction element with the universe of nonfiction series.  When we are not conscious of reality, we fill our consciousness void with a fiction element and conceive that as nonfiction.   Why?  Because anything created by us appears real to us.   If something is real to us, then it is not a fiction anymore.   However, the fiction element is still immanent within something that we transform into real.  That fiction becomes real when we take off the layer of our false conception.   When we further take off the layer of our false reality, the real becomes the illusion of the real.   When we further take off the layer of our false illusion, we realize that we were always conscious of the reality Mother Nature gifted us but were ignoring it because of our desire to create an alternative reality.

  • As a writer, what was the most challenging part about penning this book?

The most challenging part of this book was to understand that the cultural factor is the force that perpetuates the culture as our consciousness.  Our consciousness personifies the culture to perpetuate its force.  It makes us an agent of the culture that evolves over time and revolves within space to localize that space.   We all become specific spatial coordinates and perpetuate the culture of that spatial coordinate as if that is theoretically our reality and therefore ideally everyone’s reality.   Thus, instead of developing our consciousness in an ascending-order, we become limited by the consciousness of the past.   The past consciousness drags our personality and leads to the degeneration, decay, and death of our physical body. 

  • Can you elaborate on what you mean by space tensor?

A tensor is a transformable.   A space tensor is a transformable space.  The space within our mind is transformable by our imagination.  The imaginary element within our imagination takes the form of a photon.  The sequence of imaginary elements formed through our imagination take the form of a quantum photon.   A quantum photon transforms an entity into a creature seeking to be the creator of the reality immanent within the sequence of photons.  Each photon transforms into diverse quarks, atoms, and cells to transform the physical space as a photocopy of the vision within our mental space.   Therefore, with a clarity of vision, we develop the power to manifest the reality we wish for living a joyful life.

  • What are the future writing projects you are engaged in?

The twelfth book in the Project VIPIN is what is technological growth.   Technological growth is the formative growth that forms growth through a process that perpetuates as the cultural force after its exchange as a force.   The exchange factor is the eleventh book in the project, following up on the cultural factor, the tenth book.  

After Project VIPIN, I will work on a self-authored Project Bhakti that will take the findings of Project VIPIN to the next level.   In parallel, I am working on a co-edited project on the emerging trends and issues in India’s business and management.

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