“At the end of the day, it’s the joyful experience which matters to a person and the one with most pleasant experiences is undoubtedly the richest person!”

The book, “Sojourn To Maldives – Kurumb To Beaujolais” by Author Aneeta Chitale can most certainly be regarded as a Travel Fictional Plot. The Author has portrayed a very delightful picture of the beautiful islands of Maldives through her writings in this book. There is no doubt that the Author had laid down tremendous amount of efforts to complete this incredible book, which is clearly reflecting in her writings as well. This book is a beautiful blend of adventure romance fiction, and trials.

The plot has been set in the beautiful island nation of Maldives and the story introduces us the character of an Indian Girl named, Aari and throws light on the events taking place in her life, at the phase when she was in Maldives. The plot moves round the realistic incidents and political crisis faced by The Republic of Maldives, the island nation in the Indian Ocean. The relation between the two nations, India and Maldives had their ‘trails and tribulations’ during the years 2009 to 2013, which is very vividly explored through the beautiful stories in the book.

The Author, Aneeta Chitale is an Educator and Mentor by profession. She has a rich experience in teaching English language and literature. She had worked overseas’ at Maldives, Dubai, Oman and United Kingdom. Also, she conducts ESL and helps kids with Learning difficulties. She loves to write poems and short stories. Currently, she is living in Pune, India and her poems are published in Greece and India. She loves working with children.

Author Aneeta Chitale is a versatile persona, an ardent poet and a theatre lover. Juggling with a full time career as a Principal and Mentor, she manages her time to work for Environmental Issues and Children with Learning Difficulties. She has a Master’s in English Literature and had done B.A. in Psychology from the famous Pune University and she is an Alumni of Fergusson College.

The book talks about how Aari sails across the vast and beautiful Indian Ocean from India only to find herself on a remote island of the archipelago in Maldives. Also, the Author has painted a very sensual and alluring picture of the Maldives island through her writings, in the book with the description of the tranquil, turquoise green waters and shimmering silvery beaches. Further, the breath taking beauty of the remote island of Ha. Thakandhoo, where one can feel the life in primordial mode with no mad traffic, no rush, no hustle, no bustle with extreme quietness is also greatly described. Life on this island has been described as ‘Magically Empyrean’ in the book.

The plot progresses with the story of Aari’s unexpected meeting with Brad, who was an extreme adventure sports lover and an International Wind Surfer. The plot advances delightfully when Brad fell for Aari’s dusky beauty and the love story between the dusky Indian beauty, Aari and Brad, the Greek adds bliss to the plot. The way things turned out after that and how their love blossomed is something really Worth Reading and grips the reader very much to the plot!

Another unexpected twist takes place not just in Aari’s and Brad’s lives but with the whole of Maldives islands due to the occurrence of the sudden Political Crisis, which created an unrest situation throughout the nation. At this point it becomes even more interesting for the readers as you cannot resist yourself to read further to find out what happened next and how the twist of turn of events resulted in the love story of Aari and Brad. 

The story of Aari and Brad in a period when the Political Crisis prevailed in the Maldives island is indeed impactful and throws much light on the real political events which took place in this island nation a few years ago. Also, it was India who acted as a true partner for Maldives at that hour of need and played a huge role in controlling the political unrest and maintaining the peace back in the islands of Maldives. The manner in which the book describes this political event and throws light on so many priceless events that it really becomes an ‘Incredible Experience’ for the readers!

With all these twists and turns of events, Aari finds herself at the cross roads in her life. Things turned out to be unpredictable but Brad had a proposal for her still the good thing is that the story ends with a very delightful note! Another delight which the readers would find in this book is the mentioning of the World’s First Ever, “Under Water Parliament Session” that took place in Maldives. This event was an appeal to the world to take the issue of Climate Change seriously, as these islands can submerge under the ocean anytime due to the rise in the level of the ocean. The Author has penned down their love story in a great manner, which truly satisfies the urges of the readers!

Also, the Book Title is truly justified by the Author as the book is filled up with many rich and surreal experiences of the Maldives islands, which are not only priceless but also fills as a soul to this book! In addition, the Book Cover, too deserves a special mention for being artistic and pleasing.

Moreover, the rich vocabulary used by the Author also needs to be acknowledged and the book consists of a series of impactful stories, which truly can be described as a masterpiece of writing by the Author. Undoubtedly the book is a Must Read one if you are looking to read romance, adventure, travel fiction, historical and political events all at one place!


Author Name:  Aneeta Chitale 

Book Title:  Sojourn To Maldives – Kurumb To Beaujolais

Publisher : Evincepub Publishing 

Reviewer:  Neel Preet at Criticspace Journals


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