The book, “Curse of Shiva and Other Tales: Collection of Short Stories & Poems” by Author Abhishek Goswami is a beautiful blend of short stories and poems served together to the readers who are fond of reading subjects like supernatural fantasies, mythological tales and science fiction. The book consists of 10 Short-Stories and 23 Poems, which are surely worth reading and is very wisely written by combing themes of adventure with fantasy, science fiction and history in many of the tales. 

The book is simple and yet impactful in many ways, which the readers will find by going deep in the plot. It reflects the sheer confidence, which the author has portrayed while composing this marvellous amalgamation of short stories and poems. Moreover, this book can most certainly be regarded as an engaging collection of short stories and poems covering various themes. 

The Author, Abhishek Goswami, born and brought up in New Delhi, works with an MNC in Gurgaon and is a writer by interest. He is a post-graduate in business administration, PMP and Lean certified and a graduate in Science from Delhi University. He has a keen interest in reading suspense/mystery books and mythological fiction. Listening to music and watching cricket are the other two important hobbies he mostly enjoys during his spare time.

The Lonely Drummer and Other Poems was his first book, published by Notion Press in 2017. He was awarded the “Top 100 Inspiring Authors of India” in 2018 and “Swami Vivekananda Award for Excellence in Literature” in 2019, presented by the Governor of West Bengal for his first book. He is a regular contributor to literary sites like Asian Literary Society, Muse India and United By Ink. A few of his poems and stories have been published in The Hans India newspaper and anthologies by Asian Literary Society, United By Ink and Half Baked Beans. He also features regularly in various Asian Literary Society events to recite his latest creations.

The short stories in this book mostly throws light on the subjects like science fiction, adventure, history, struggles and achievements with the intent to picturize the manner in which one’s choice and actions in life can cause some unintended consequences for many. While poetry section in this book highlights themes like nature, life, inter-relationship of a person with the outer world. Further, these poems tend to focus on the eternal conflict between our inner and outer world.

Talking about the story section of the book first, it can openly be accepted that these tales are truly engaging and gripping. With stories like Vetaal and Vikram, Curse of Shiva, The Story of Mahesh Das, Journey to the Nine, The Kind Soul and of course the very first chapter of this amazing book, The Adventure of S-499 one can witness the flow, which is so nicely maintained by the author that you cannot leave without completing them. These stories are thought provoking and Cleverly Written with the aim of satisfying the readers of this book. 

Now, if we talk about the poems, then there is no denial that the Author has made a masterpiece of strong emotions with deep feelings through his words. All the 23 Poems in this book shows the brilliant intention of the Author, which he is trying to tell through his wonderfully woven words. If you are a poetry lover, then undoubtedly you will connect with these poems. There is no doubt that all 23 Poems of this book are truly Reading Worthy but poems like The Enchanted Forest, The Curious Schoolboy, What a Progress, The Illogical Heart, The Two Paths, Song from Within, Festival of Lights, That Pain and Childhood deserves a special mention!

Well, if we look at the Book Title, then it’s very much clear that the title has been drawn from the 4th Chapter of the book, Curse of Shiva. Most certainly the idea of Author has worked with the book title, since this is not just a catchy title but also holds the capacity of persuading the readers to go with it! Also, the mentioning of poems in the Sub-Title, gives a very clear picture of what this book is all about. Along with the book title, the Book Cover too deserves a special appreciation as it appeals the readers and book lovers to pick it up!

The manner in which the Author has composed these stories and poems needs to be acknowledged since the writing in both of the sections of the book, which is short stories and the poems is really smooth and admirable. Such books like “Curse of Shiva and Other Tales: Collection of Short Stories and Poems” needs to be encouraged as not often we see such an Artistic Blend of stories and poems at one place! If you are an avid book reader, then this book should definitely be in your Bucket List. 


Author Name:  Abhishek Goswami
Book Title:  Curse of Shiva and Other Tales
Genre: Short Stories 

Reviewer: Neel Preet at Criticsapce

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