Her books are a reflection of her life and everything that was happening to her throughout the journey to more than 100 countries in Asia, Africa, and Europe. Master’s books are historical guides throughout the land of the earth that you can take with you and use as a map if you are a real adventurer like her. The author’s depiction of places, legends, and historical events sheds light on what and how certain events in history were happening while you read through her novels.

Master Olga Gomon has an ability to give a new broader perspective on the entire world, since wherever she travels people tend to accept her as their own and don’t hesitate to share their knowledge and experiences with her. Her books are true testimony for the World View that we have all been waiting for.


QUESTIONNAIRE – For Author Master Olga Gomon By Aashi Dewangan

Aashi Dewangan: Well, Congratulations for your book, “The Games of Light and Shadow: Childhood with Elves!” What has been your experience with the writing of this book, and what are your expectations from this book of yours?

Master Olga Gomon: The book was being written very easily. I was writing it in between consultations and meditation lessons, at the airport, sitting on the ruins of a temple in Lebanon, in a fishermen’s village in Mauritania, in the jungle of the Himalayas, and in the Kalahari desert. One day I woke up in a villa overlooking the Red Sea and saw magnificent dawn. The fiery rays of the rising sun colored the whole sky covered with feathers of clouds and scarlet colors. I sat down and described what I had seen. It would be wrong to say that this book is written by me. It was written by my hands by Nature itself, inhabited by countless visible and invisible creatures. Under the guidance of the Creator of this world. Spiritual beings would come to me and asked me to tell about their life. Elves, whose life depends on forests and plants, asked me to treat their world with care and to stop deforestation. Spirits inhabiting the oceans and seas asked me to reach the hearts of people and not to contaminate water – the blood and lymph of the planet Earth. This book is just written down by me. But its true author is Mother Nature, who once gave life to a form of life – a human being.

My book is spontaneous, like blowing wind and a sudden coming rain. I only wanted to show people the diversity of the world and the creatures that inhabited it. So that people could know that they are not alone. They are surrounded by an invisible world that is ready to interact if people get rid of their consumer nature and develop the inner tools of interaction.

Aashi Dewangan: You have written about the deep philosophies of life and the ways of reaching the state of mental containment. So, why did you feel need to highlight these topics among the readers? 

Master Olga Gomon: We often ask ourselves a question: Who am I? This happens when we are alone and the doors are closed. Our life is divided into sleeping and being awake, into something that we are ready to show to others, and an inner world hidden from prying eyes. Very often, in favor of social rules, we are obliged to do something that our inner being does not accept. This causes an internal conflict. Developing a social mask, with age, we move further away from our inner nature. We forget who we really are. The secret is, that it is in the inner nature that inexhaustible forces, capable of healing the body and controlling the elements, are hidden.

“Childhood with Elves” is just the first in a series of books “The Games of Light and Shadow”. In this book, I have just started to talk about how to develop the inner power and gave easy ways to immerse into your own self. With each subsequent book, I will immerse readers more into the world of spiritual practices, just like precious diamonds scattered around different parts of our planet. In the following books, I will talk about the immortality practices of the Himalayas, the magic of the sands and the fall of ancient civilizations, about ancient aircraft, and my experience of time travel.

Unusual abilities are not only a natural gift. They can be developed through regular mental exercises, which I will gradually, lesson by lesson, describe in my books. Everyone can do it. The more people can learn these skills, the healthier and more humane our society will be.

Aashi Dewangan: Also, you’ve got a very catchy and a deep message reflecting the cover for your book; So could you please tell us the reason behind having such an amazing book cover? 

Master Olga Gomon: The spiritual world is light, clean, and transparent. I wanted to convey this in the book cover. The purple color corresponds to the glow of the highest chakra of our body, which is responsible for communication with the creator, teacher, and spiritual worlds. These are vibrations that adjust the human body and mental level to reference vibrations. Dragonfly is the transport of Elves, who looks after the readers through the spiritual window between our worlds. 

Aashi Dewangan: Well, it would be very helpful for the readers, if you could briefly explain the subject matter of your book and enlighten us with the relevance of this book in our society!

Master Olga Gomon: This is a book about a little girl, who was very different from ordinary children. She had unusual dreams and could see the elves. And she preferred to spend time in the woods among the mountains. She liked to read books, but she received most of the information from dwarves, elves and other spiritual creatures. The stars told her the story of the Universe creation, and dolphins taught her to swim. The elves revealed her the secrets of herbs and healing, and the dwarves gave her the gift of hearing the Earth and passing through the mountains. In exchange for the fact that one day she will save their world. By stopping the destructive actions of people. So when she grew up, she began to teach people to see the invisible, to love the nature and protect it.

This is a book for those who feel they are different from others. Who always knew their true home is up there, among the stars. Who do not tolerate cruelty and ignorance and have a fine appreciation of nature. Who have unusual dreams and strange visions. For those who feel that their formal school knowledge is not enough. Who want to know the true story, more about themselves and the structure of the world, the structure of the universe and energy fields. Who want to hear the unheard and see the invisible. For people of the new race.

Aashi Dewangan: It’ll be interesting to know about some of the writers and authors to whom you looked up while growing up; So could you please tell us a bit about your inspirations! 

Master Olga Gomon: I do agree that the temple of human personality is built on the foundation of books you have read. My early childhood was influenced by the book “The Wizard of Oz”. A. de Saint-Exupery and his “The Little Prince” influenced the formation of emotionality. Do you remember the fox lines? “When you let yourself be tamed, then it happens to cry.” I knew this novel by heart and I still quote from it. The passion for travelling appeared after “Sinbad the sailor” from the collection “A Thousand and One Nights”. The ability to be friends was inspired by A. Dumas’ novels. From them, I learned about intrigues, political games and secret orders. French medieval plays and André Morois gave the first lessons of love and flirting, and Hemingway taught me to face trials and pain. Vasari unveiled the world of medieval art. Leonardo da Vinci revealed the world of science, medicine and painting. With “Treatise on Medicine” by Abu Ali Ibn Sino, I took my first steps in healing, with Paracelsus – in alchemy and astrology. 

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye,” said Little Prince. And I read books and life with my heart to absorb their essence and not to fall into the illusion of form.

I am inspired by everything! By the whole world in its diversity. By friends and students scattered around the world like pearls in the ocean. They were the keys that opened new doors in understanding the world or places, religions, history and human feelings. My books are based on their experiences. And the variety of styles and pictures is the ability to see the world through the eyes of those I’ve ever crossed paths with.

Aashi Dewangan: Is there any message which you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Master Olga Gomon: Always remember the one you were as a child. Your dreams and feelings. Do not let this world change you and transform you into its own way. Perfect yourself without changing your inner nature. Walk with small steps. So that not to disturb the world of the creatures around you. Do not forget, everything, that you send to the surrounding space, returns.

Aashi Dewangan: Thank you so much for being so nice and answering these questions. All the very best to you for the book and for all your future endeavors!

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