Name:    Dr Poonam K Gedam

Birth Place: Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Interests:   Singing, Cooking & travelling, Bharatnatyam dancer, public speaking

Hobbies:   Teaching, playing the guitar.

Biographical Info (About the Author):

At least in 100-120 words:

Dr Poonam K. Gedam, MBBS, DGO, PGDMCH, DPB is consultant gynaecologist based in Navi Mumbai. Besides being a gynaecologist with rich experience inoperative bogy, she is also practicing as GP on various telemedicine portals including reputed the SHISHUSHABD HOSPITAL, CYTOPOT. Besides being gynaecologist she is budding clinical pathologist too. When she is not in a doctor’s coat, she prefers to cook exceptional Marathi & North Indian cuisines, write books, and teach. She is an amateur singer.

Achievement So far: 50-100 words:

School topper for all 12 years, NCC cadet, NSS Cadet, state-level shooting champion, topper in state-level ART talent search exams, performed in various college functions during post-graduation, author in OBGY, PATHOLOGY, MICROBIOLOGY, Residency made easy volumes, contributor in many publications for resident doctors, MBS students & public on health-related fields.

Favourite Topics of writing:

Obstetrics& gynecology, clinical pathology, public health, adolescent girl health aspects, cooking, relationship & life management post-separation.

What describes you the best:

Content Writer, Academic Author

Tell us about your writing career: 80-100 words, minimum:

Not introduced my writing skills by my own, but yes, dr. Krishan has given me tremendous confidence that I can write in publications as well as blogs, then I commenced writing in publications, my medical subjects books first, followed by different aspects in day-to-day existence, my experiences in time, and so on, and the things go on till now, I’m glad to be a part of this book publications, feel proud to be a published author now  

Tell us something about your book:

This publication is dedicated to all my medico friends and the people who are front line warrior in dealing with this pandemic but yes it is for common people who  actually don’t know what to do n what not to, to tackle the worst situation with advice and help of doctors, it actually regarding awareness of the pandemic disease we are dealing with, common people want to know more about the virus, the current status, whether all mankind will survive or not, in what  will happen in future, so this book is an answer in a scientific way as well as awareness

What encourages you to become an Author?:

when we, all medical friends, as doctors, at the start of the pandemic has gone thru many many questions about the disease by common people as all they were worried about the situation, so we thought why not we publish a book to answers so many questions for all so that the anxiety of all relieved in one place and as it’s a book by doctors, so people are assured that things in it are not experimental only, they are real scientific things, 

What is your current goal in writing career?:

As I am a doctor, I want to write more and more in subjects which can help my young generation medicos to study, besides that, I want to write about cooking which is my favorite work in leisure time, I want to explore more and more cuisines and make some changes in it to make it good for our Indians, I need to explore the real heritage of spices, the uses, the stories, everything in future, I want to educate adolescent girls about the health and menstrual hygiene cos this is time why more focused to be given,

The titles seem different and catchy, how you decided it?:

It is basically the topic on which the book is all about

Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same:

At present we are working on a series called  residency made easy for pg residents, and I’m, as an author in micro, patho, gyne books, besides that we are also working on Household management made easy

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