1. Tell us a little bit about your idea behind the 11th book in the series.

The eleventh book in the series is the Exchange Factor.   The exchange factor is a child with the possibility to exchange everyone’s natural reality with his supernatural reality.   By diverging from the natural, a child forces everyone’s followership of his supernatural leadership until everyone becomes a leader like him. When two lead together over time by exchanging their realities, the one within Mother Nature becomes the everyone without Mother Nature.  The one guides everyone like a deity omnipresent within everyone as a divisor dividing their co-leadership with his reality.   Everyone comprises one and the one’s perpetuating value after the division leads to the entropy of one’s reality.  Everyone behaves like a primeval deity producing the “I am a deity consciousness” for reproducing the deity within them until they also experience an entropy, leaving the two to perpetuate as the twenty-two.  The five perpetuates the two as the two perpetuates the twenty-two.  Therefore, it appears as if the seven is perpetuating the twenty-two.   The reality of seven gets exchanged with the illusion of seven.  Without the two, the twenty-two becomes the imaginary twenty. 

By imagining the two to be with a zero, it becomes possible to reproduce the twenty-two by servicing a two to the zero.   After servicing a two, the seven becomes a five.  After breeding another seven, the twenty-two becomes a fifteen.  The twenty-two breeds a seven for multiplying what’s left within it like two pie’s behaving like one pi.  What’s left is masculinity.  After multiplying one pi becomes six pi.  Five left from seven makes one pi behave like six pi.  Two pi are immanent within the six pi with the masculinity denoted by the letter “E”.   Each pi behaves like three pi before the two doubles them into the six pi.   Three is the absolute gravitational constant that emanates with the time’s past, present, and future dimensions.  When one mistakes time to be the space, one conceives another three as the imaginary absolute gravitational constant. The imaginary absolute gravitational constant is the Einstein gravitational constant.  The time’s past becomes the space’s x-axis moving horizontally away from the time’s origin forming the base that broadens over time to gain breadth.  The time’s present becomes the space’s y-axis that stands still in a vertical position since the present is omnipotent and commands height.  The time’s future becomes the space’s z-axis, angling the moving x-axis into the still y-axis with its potential to give momentum to the past so that the future becomes long trying to catch-up with the past with its invisible hands.  The dimension-free time becomes the w-axis, manifesting its wholeness with the four dimensions that define its space.  The wholeness of time transforms the space into a twin v-axis, norming the convergent energy of space before and after knowing the space through the time.  Six pi is the Newtonian gravitational constant.   Fifty-three is the masculinity.  

  • What kind of research did you have to do to write this book?

I conducted “appropriate research” to write this book. Appropriate research is open-mind research, free from the notions borrowed from the past. Notions are constructed based on the opinions lent by experts present at different times by virtue of their authority.   The notional ideas carry the names of the authorities with them because those ideas are a figment of the imagination and therefore subject to the intellectual property rights of those authorities. 

  • What according to you should be the take of the reader towards Isaac Newton’s theories before they read your take of it?

Modern science has proven that Isaac Newton’s theories are inaccurate.  Newton made a mistake of interpreting the causation as the time.  The causation is progressive within the universe, with the past-effect accumulating within the present to form a two-dimensional time.  The one with causation varies and grows over time.  The one without causation is constant and is the reason for the entropy within the growth.   The growth generates the thermodynamic effect.  The thermodynamic effect divides the growth into the entropy and perpetuates its entropy value.   The one pi perpetuates the five pi with a total growth of six pi.   Unlike the causation that curves, the time is linear.  The past becomes the present when reproduced as the present.  The present becomes the future when reproduced as the future. 

  • How do you reconcile so many contraries in your mind at once in terms of keeping so many different theories and theorists to draw examples from?

The diverse theories propounded by the diverse theorists are the phenomenological truth of Mother Nature.  The phenomenon varies based on the partial reality a theorist wishes to position as the entire reality in the mind of the reader for gaining pre-eminence.  My work focuses on illuminating the noumena that guides the workings of Mother Nature.   I do so by showing how lack of understanding of Mother Nature’s reality leads everyone to propound their own brand of imaginary theories with illusionary ideas borrowed from those preceding them.  

  • What tips would you like to give the young generation about social life and living socially?

Social well-being is the very first element within our potential.  When we are devoted to our social well-being, we activate our potential in diverse ways to become capable of living a fulfilling social life.   The challenge occurs when we seek to change others by developing imaginary social norms and associating our social well-being with the universal conformity to those norms.  When we impose our fake social norms on others, we limit our potential to transcend beyond those norms and become the cause for binding everyone into a world of illusionary well-being that satisfies somebody transcendental.   We lack awareness that we are the transcendental who is acting like the former, the superior, seeking to make everyone the latter, the inferior, seeking to hide our own inner sense of inferiority with imaginary superiority.   Such behaviors rapidly age a generation and become the cause of their entropy.

  • What are the future writing endeavours that you plan to engage in?

I plan to start working on a six-book Project BHAKTI – blossoming human agility kindles totipotent impact.  When humans improve their agility to become free from the false theories and ideals, they are able to activate their full potential.

  • In the book, you have about mind mapping. What is it according to you and why do you consider it important?

Mind mapping is about developing a mental map of how to live by observing the natural behaviors.  We learn the methods of living from the natural behaviors within the plant and the animal kingdom.  The plants trade the diverse endowments within their surroundings to produce fruit with seeds to reproduce infinite plants with the diverse characteristics.  The animals consume the infinite plants propagated locally as well as globally to produce a finite set of child animals with a varying mix of characteristics.  The humans consume both the plants and the animals in one form or the other.  Even those who claim they are vegans are consuming the plant products produced after those plants have consumed the animal products like the organic manure.   Many vegan enthusiasts claim that the cow milk is not vegan and should not be consumed as it exploits the cows and is an animal product.   If so, then feeding animals so that their excreta could be used as the manure for planting should also be banned because that is also prone to a commercial exploitation of the animals.   Now, if vegans stop eating plants as well, then how will they survive?  Perhaps, they could imagine the world before the animals, when the plants consumed the solar fire, the lunar water, and the earth air for their reproduction.   The sun’s thermodynamic-effect and the moon’s cooling-effect produces the air that condenses into the earth and reproduces its pressure to make the plants conscious of their reproductive force within the time they are alive.   The animals consume the consciousness of the reproductive force for reproducing themselves beyond the time they are alive.   As humans, we may decide not to reproduce ourselves.  In that case, we do not need to consume what exists.  When we do not consume our reality, we enjoy the essence of our reality.  The essence makes us whole.   It makes us realize that the drinking cow milk is not an issue because Mother Nature gifts the cows the ability to generate more milk that they need to feed their children.   Forcing everyone to consume plant-based milk on the false pretext that it is free from animal products is an issue because that pretext is false.  

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