As the Indian economy is progressing, new ideas have been developing ever since the idea of encouraging business for development came to light. Hence, innovation was bound to see the light of the day, and so were the disadvantages that accompanied it. “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” by Arnab Basu discusses the bright and the dark side of the concept of Ease of Doing Business in our country, which is moving swiftly on the road of development. While the author discusses the idea with practical references and records, he also touches on major aspects in a precise and focused manner. As the central focus, he highlights the effects the ideas of business have had on the environment of the country and also, how the national bodies have tried to take care of this.

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Basu’s “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” features an attractive book cover that shows different aspects of how humans are on the road of development but how giving attention to the environment is equally significant. The grey color in the background attempts to highlight the implications that may have been ignored otherwise. He divides the book into 4 broad chapters where he shows the environment at par with business and the ease of doing it. Through these chapters, he explains the conflict and the tough of war situation that features the canvas of the Indian landscape and its hopes to be a developed nation. He makes the readers aware of things and the way they would be in the future. To ensure that the readers understand, Basu keeps the content concise, focused, and straightforward. He does not waver unnecessarily and gives the details which are enough for the readers to attain an understanding. The chapters, for once, may seem to be detailed, yet as the readers go through them, they feel interested in reading as the placement of information places everything in sequence for them. This also makes the book an enlightening reading.

The book centres around the time after the creation of the National Green Tribunal alongside the evolution of Ease of doing Business. “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” attempts to educate the readers and make them aware of the happenings they may not be aware of. Basu does thorough research and presents facts in a neutral and balanced manner. At the same time, he does not let his viewpoint affect the perception of the readers, and he leaves it to their understanding. He does not digress when he writes the chapters and frequently brings in details that are the product of real events. This opens the book to be read from an academic and leisure point of view. Students can read it, and so can those readers who want to update their knowledge.

“A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” by Arnab Basu would be enjoyed by those readers who are interested in content based on non-fiction and which raises practical concerns along with awareness of the facts as they occur. With his extensive research, Basu also enriches the readers with factual information, and many would also find their facts being updated or refreshed. It would also be a good book for those readers who are not much aware of the facts and information regarding the ease of doing business and its relation with the environment. Along with this, the author keeps the language simple and avoids jargon so that he can reach out to maximum readers.

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The readers who have read Basu’s former book, The Journey Through Holocene,” would have a fair idea of the nature of the author’s style of writing and the subject of focus in his writing. They would also feel instantly interested in reading “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” as it presents a different version of the author’s research and knowledge which finds its way in writing from a different dimension. At the same time, reading both books would open the readers’ minds further and educate them on their factual knowledge. Like the former book, Basu’s “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” also explores the idea of development in the light of sustainability and its related concepts.

Therefore, Arnab Basu’s book would not only educate the readers, but it would also increase their awareness and help them develop an understanding of how easeful is doing business or how much it is not and how the environment has been affected. Hence, all readers should try reading “A Silver Lining in the Ease of Doing Business Conundrum” as the environment and its concerns are a burning issue of the day, and an awareness of them may help in revolutionizing the way business has been done so far.

Book Title: A Silver Lining in the “Ease of Doing Business” Conundrum: India’s one and only Green Tribunal
Author: Arnab Basu
Publisher: Notion Press
Reviewed by: Akhila Saroha at Criticspace Journal

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