• Congratulations on your book Dr. Gupta titled What IS Trading Factor. It is a very engaging title. Please elaborate on its meaning, implication and significance.

The trading factor is the human force our ego energy perpetuates.  Our ego energy diffuses to form networking linkages that link everyone with our ego and makes everyone a consumer of our ego.  The networking linkages is our perpetuating human force within the linkages of our ego.   We trade the networking linkages to become the Almighty Creator of diverse realities formed through the consumption of our ego.   After consuming our ego, everyone becomes a creator of our copies by idealizing us as a divine entity who is producing what they are consuming.  The copies begin consuming the creation as they believe that they are the creation worthy of blessings of the Almighty Creator.  After consuming the creation, the copies become the creature reproducing the ego energy.   Thus, the Almighty Creator, the creator, the creation, and the creature become a four-body system that forms the essence of reality.   Our weak psychic linkages as an Almighty Creator with our future as the creation, our present as the creation, and our past as the creature, is the reason for the cycle of life.  Our creation is consumed by everyone following us, thus making us dependent on the consciousness they are producing.  Our creation is a part of our extended self.   Everyone trades a part of our self, thus becoming dependent on the conscious decisions we are taking.   Everyone begins personifying our conscious decisions as if they are their conscious decisions programmed within their body as the genetic sequences.   Thus, the original is lost in transition and the copy is bred as the illusion of the reality of the original.  We all become copies when we identify ourselves as the social animals. 

  • Project VIPIN is a collection of 12 books in a series. It is not an easy task to write so many books. How did you overcome this challenge?

I focus on my goal and what I am doing at present.  I gain confidence from what I have accomplished so far.   I gain conviction from what I have to still accomplish given the limited time all of us have in this life on earth.  Since my work is devoted to make the life on earth joyful, I give my 100% to what I am doing at present.   I leave the rest on Mother Nature to keep me focused on my goal by keeping me distraction free.   Fortunately, Mother Nature has gifted me a peaceful serene environment to work on Project VIPIN.   There have not been any wildfires, earthquakes, floods, or any other natural disasters where I live.   Certainly, there has been a supernatural manmade COVID pandemic that has brought life to standstill.  By taking away the option to do other things, that has only been a catalyst for a project focused on illuminating the limitations of the supernatural factor and the essence of the natural factor. 

  • What does Project VIPIN stand for and why do you think it is important to read this series?

Project VIPIN stands for an investigation into the nature of reality by disentangling the vastly integrated processes that make it appear like an illusion.   It is important to develop a clarified consciousness of reality, how it forms, what it norms, and why it transforms.  We believe we have the tools to know the reality.   However, believing is not reality.   If one person believes God exist, another believes God does not exist, it does not mean the reality of God is contingent on the varying beliefs.  Modern science states that the reality is relative and specific to a person who is observing and forming a belief.  However, by observing and believing that we know the reality, we only produce an illusion of the reality omnipresent within our mental realm.   Since the illusion is our creation, we assume that it is real.    However, illusion is not real, creation is.  Our energy transforms the illusion into the imaginary and the real into the complex.   The complex we create reproduces our reality polluted by a belief in the imaginary.   Therefore, the creation comprises the mass of our polluted consciousness.   Since we are the creators of the creation, we develop a charm attraction towards the creation and strangely repel the illusion that we are the creatures blessed with a life by an Almighty Creator for enjoying the creation.   After destroying our creation, we become that Almighty Creator blessing everyone with our present consciousness.    Thus, everyone becomes the producer of our present consciousness as the absolute, generating an ascending entropy.   If we wish to stop the entropy at the individual, local, national, and international levels, then it is important for us to develop our gifted potentialities instead of depending on the divinity of the transcendental forces.   That requires us to transcend beyond the diverse religious ideologies, including using science as secular religion and spirituality as insular religion. 

  • Who are the people in your life who have constantly been by your side and motivated you through your writing process?

My family has been the pillar of strength and motivation.   My wife has supported me by giving me the space for writing as well as the time to freshen up by engaging me in other endeavors.   My parents, who live in India, have encouraged me by sharing their joy in my progress both personally as well as among our extended family and friend network.   My younger brother and my wife’s younger brother’s family have also been positive forces.  

  • Will it be right to say after reading your book that human development is a complex issue about which we are still in the process of attaining better understanding and in fact know little about?

Human development is an artificial element formed due to the reversal of the development already within us.   When we lack confidence in ourselves and our capability to manifest the reality we wish, we augment the reality with the complexity of our unrealized imagination of natural reality within us.  That creates a need for confidence-complementing development.   Similarly, when we lack awareness of ourselves and our investment in the reality of others, we destroy the reality with the illusion of our realized imagination of a supernatural reality beyond us.  That creates need for awareness-supplementing development.   The kith complement the confidence of the kin who share the genetics of confidence-deficit in their self without us.  The aliens supplement the awareness of the kith who share the genetics of awareness-munificence of their extended self within us.   The kin is like a child.  The kith is like a sister who has the courage to gain the confidence of a child and convince the child to move fast without doubting his capability.   Trading the sister’s courage becomes the key to a child servicing the value of his capability for his personal conscious well-being.   The alien is like a brother with conviction in the sister’s investment in him.   He blocks the sister’s awareness of her extended self within him, thus making the sister dependent on his social conscious well-being.   Self-developed personal conscious well-being is more than the Extended self-developed social conscious well-being.   When we seek to develop ourselves as a social animal whose well-being is conditional on the well-being of others, we expect our well-being to exceed the well-being of social others.  We enjoy both social conscious well-being as well as the feminine consciousness of our personal conscious well-being as our conscious well-being.

  • You mention in the book that ego is the natural outcome of emotion. Please explain the concept behind this.

Ego is energy in descending motion, leading to the outflow of the thermodynamically self-steaming air in ascending motion.   Emotion is energy in descending motion, following the inflow of the consciousness cooling air in descending motion.  We become emotional when we experience the cooling-effect of someone’s conscious energy.   We experience the cooling-effect when someone has an empathy with us and is willing to make us a part of their extended self.  We make others a part of our extended self by becoming invested in their conscious well-being.  

Conscious energy cools down the anxiety in our mind, that produces the flow of our consciousness of the anxiety in horizontal motion.    The consciousness flow heats up our body as we become mentally agitated and begin perspiring with the fear of the unknown.   The unknown is our extended self.   We do not know how the others we are devoted to will behave when we show our concern in their conscious well-being.  Others may imagine that to be an intrusion in their personal space.   Since you have already decided to be invested, their false imagination of your intentions steams the air you are breathing.   The self-steaming air you breathe is diffused by the one seeking space by repelling you out of his space.  When one is not concordant with the social others, one becomes a discordant entity and produces discordant energy.   The producer of the discordant energy is also the consumer of the discordant energy.   The reason why we make others a part of our extended self is our illusionary I am a deity consciousness.   We believe in our divinity, either inherent or borrowed from another divine entity.  Therefore, we seek to make others feel that they are not capable of making conscious decisions and superposition our conscious decisions on them.   Thus, ego, emotion, and anxiety form a circle guiding our life from birth to death.  

  • Do you see Project VIPIN as a means of uniting the philosophical and the scientific in better serving society?

Project VIPIN is the metaphysical unity of the diverse philosophies of science, including spirituality as the science of the imaginary and religion as the science of the real.  Natural science is the science of the illusion.  It is about making sense of the real by imagining an ideal mathematical representation.    The ideal that represents the real is not real, but an illusion of the real’s copy within our mind.  We believe we know the real after observing the reality and we manifest in our belief in the form of a theory.   A theory is always falsifiable because our beliefs change every moment.  Even in a greenhouse, at one moment, you believe it is hot.   At the next moment, you believe it is cold.   When you perceive the space as closed, you feel hot and wish to have your personal space.   When you perceive the space as open, you feel cold and wish to have the walls for protecting you from the uncertainty of a danger intruding the space.   The society that is concerned about our sentient well-being bears the escalating technological cost of managing our perceptual reality.  If we stop relying on our beliefs about reality and instead focus on the reality, then we can enjoy stillness in our conscious well-being.   The society can then focus in the growth of our conscious well-being, instead of managing the costs of entropy in our conscious well-being.

  • What are your upcoming writing projects?

Once I finish the 12-book Project VIPIN, I will start a 6-book Project Bhakti.  Bhakti is my wife’s name.   Project Bhakti will focus on human nature and human development over time.

  • You have written deeply about emotions but through a mathematical method. Why did you choose this method for your book?

As I noted, an emotion is the energy in ascending motion.   We can mathematically model the motion of energy, the sequential process of the varying rates of motion, and the consequential stillness when no energy is left to move.   The zero-energy state is one where we are conscious of the reality and observe the reality as a subject.   A mathematical method helps in clarifying the reality of what we are observing and trading as a force needing further investigation.

  • What was the main idea behind making the book colourful and illustrated?

The reality we observe and trade is colorful and illustrates the varying states of our mind.   We feel depressed after the energy flows rapidly in the form of emotions activated by someone.   We feel elated when the energy is flowing slowly and letting us enjoy our ego, thus boosting our self-esteem.   The reality includes the varying colors of our feelings and the illustrations are the appropriate tools to illustrate the feelings.

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