Ever since human beings have existed on earth, they have been using the resources available on earth to their prudence yet, lack of vigilance has led to the endangering of various species of plants and animals, and the situation is beyond alarming. In the wake of this, various environmental meets, summits, and movements have been going on. Arnab Basu brings his book “The Journey Through Holocene: National and Global Situation of Sustainability in this Decade (2010-2020),” which resonates with the burning issue of the day.

“The Journey Through Holocene” begins with a cover that represents the concern for the future generations while taking care of the present needs. More or less, the sustainable approach finds appropriate mention from the book cover itself. Thereafter, the author narrates in brief about his life and circumstances which shaped his existence and brought him to the position he is in the present day and what all went in his raising environmental concerns which may or may not find mention in any literary work.

Basu divides “The Journey Through Holocene” into 6 chapters in addition to a preamble and conclusion wherein he discusses the circumstances that surround human beings and how changes in time and technology are affecting not just human lives but also the environment at large. His only objective is to raise people’s concerns over unpleasant situations and make them aware of the tough life that lays ahead for them and their coming generations. The author starts with the exploration of the concept of Holocene, and in the consecutive chapters, he covers the details of the events that have occurred in the decade of 2010-2020. He discusses how various events and acts of human beings have impacted not just the environment at large but flora and fauna in particular. 

At the same time, “The Journey Through Holocene”is an extended explanation of the concept of sustainable development, which has been a subject of focus for quite some time now. As the author says, “This is a book for everybody who is concerned about sustainability of this planet,” this clearly defines the central idea of the book. After reading the details of these events, the readers would feel alarmed and concerned about the jeopardy the environment is in and would feel motivated to work towards making the earth a better place for future generations. The book may be extending to more than 200 pages, but the large font of the text and careful placing of the content invites the readers to go through the content the author has shared and increase their understanding of the issues. Also, the language used is according to the vocabulary of an average reader hence ensuring that the book reaches as many readers as possible. 

Readers who are already concerned and aware of the environmental issues that confront human beings would find “The Journey Through Holocene” an update in their existing knowledge or refreshing the facts they already know. Simultaneously, readers who have grown up in this decade would find this book of utmost importance as this book would help in raising their awareness and knowledge about the environmental issues which may have otherwise escaped their notice. Restricting the readership of this book to readers of any particular age group would not be fair not just to the book but the environment at large as everyone has a right and responsibility to be informed of the future that awaits them and the circumstances responsible for it. Therefore, this book is suggested to all readers; whether they read fiction or non-fiction does not matter.

Departuring from his early days as a scriptwriter for dramas in his student days, Basu has come a long way not just in terms of his awareness but also his understanding of his surroundings and how human lives are being impacted by their own acts altogether. This shows his growth not just as an artist but also as an observer and a responsible member of society who is performing his part by raising awareness of his fellow members. His experience of almost 2 decades finds its way in the pages of “The Journey Through Holocene,” which makes the book a treasure of both information and experience.

AUTHORS NAME:   Arnab Basu
BOOK TITTLE:  The Journey through Holocene
REVIEWED BY :   Akhila Saroha at Criticspace Journals 
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RATING:  4/5

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