GIRL GETS KIDNAPPED will take you to a journey of some unexpected twists & turns like never before!

The author’s imagination runs amok the dark webs, which not every reader has the stomach to digest. Like his debut novel, Girl Behind the Glass, this book is written in a manner that is meant to cause discomfort to the readers.  “Girl Gets Kidnapped” deals with the reality of the Hindu-Muslim relationship in India, but […]

A Man Called Ove: The life-affirming bestseller that will brighten your day by Fredrik Backman, Book Review, Criticspace Journals

Call it a reality check or whatever, the present book market is certainly flooded with crime dramas, psychological thrillers, and murder mysteries. These days, every alternate writer is adamant to pen down a gut-wrenching, spine-tingling, never-thought-before crime. Probably because thrillers have become the fastest route to have a screen adaptation. Believe me when I say […]

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins review – a skillful memory-loss thriller

There’s nothing new under the sun – or in the world of big-selling commercial fiction – but Paula Hawkins has come up with an ingenious slant on the currently fashionable amnesia thriller. The latest bestselling example is Emma Healey’s Costa-winning debut Elizabeth Is Missing, featuring an elderly woman with dementia. The protagonist of The Girl […]

Book Review | The Silent Patient | Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson’s otherwise perfect life rots overnight as the famous painter is accused of murdering her fashion photographer husband. 5 gunshots straight to the head and no one could ever find the motive. Why? Because the accused and also the only witness, Alicia, has stopped talking. Zipped. Full stop. Not a single word she has […]

Book Review | MURDRUM: The Probe Begins by Dr. Sohil Makwana

Everyone goes through certain situations in life, and those situations shape them into who they become in their adult life. If a person has gone through a traumatic childhood, the impacts are far adverse, and predicting how they would affect his adult life is something that can not be predicted by anyone. The protagonist of […]

Book Review | Situational Sins: A Carnal Damnation | Criticspace Journals

The bible has a clearcut demarcation between the positive and negative forces and how they impact human lives as per the choices they make. In this sense, a book that is true to life is a work that has the potential to catch a reader’s attention much more strongly than a work that is merely […]

A False Alarm | Arjun Kacper | Criticspace

If fiction is inspired by reality and the things an author writes bring out the dark realities of the human civilization instead of the fictional fantasy world then the work is likely to be more realistic and appeal to the readers more strongly. This kind of strong portrayal of reality and truth in its stark […]

Book Review | The Aravan Head | Criticpsace

“Every piece of the puzzle holds an indispensable importance and unless the last vital piece of the puzzle is placed to its right position, things remain incomplete!” The book, “The Aravan Head” by Author Arvind Narsima can most certainly be regarded as a Crime Fiction with an appropriate dose of Action, Mystery and Thrill. The Author has portrayed plenty […]

Book Review | MiЯЯЯo: at THƎ WƎIЯⱭ WAYWAЯⱭ | Criticpsace

Manoj Kumar Sharma is a self-styled author, whom those stories attract much, which fearlessly break the laws to give birth to better laws. Having spent long 31 Years while working with MNCs and Corporates as Civil Engineer, enabled his journey riding through Snakes & Ladders and experiencing various shades of Life. He belongs to Thane, Maharashtra. The […]

The Stolen House | Book Review | Criticspace

Kailash Amesur has weaved a pure literary magic in his novel and he has driven the ideas’ home perfectly. I won’t comment more on the storyline of the novel because almost every other reviewer, seniors and juniors, have done the same – also provided the basic storyline of the novel, and therefore, I won’t be […]