In the fast-evolving world of today, which is driven by technology and desire, crime has found its way and assumed dimensions that are beyond comprehending. This has found its way into the literary world and revolutionized not just literature but also the canon which these works would influence. Undoubtedly, any piece of literary writing is a reflection and bears a strong imprint of the time in which it is written. The same holds true for Ashwin Karthik S N’s novel, “From the Womb of Darkness: Holding the Prophecy.”As intriguing as the title sounds, the book is a package of mind-boggling events that make the readers scratch their brains to decipher and decode the hints laid in every nook and corner of the plot.

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“From the Womb of Darkness” begins on a note which baffles the readers and gets their minds racing to interpret and become subconscious investigators of a crime that seems without motive. The author triggers the events with the different styles in which a crime is committed and leaves the readers in a zone where they can only conjecture the whys and the hows. This makes the book not only interesting but also successfully keeps the interest intact throughout the plot development. At the same time, it makes the readers wonder and has their brains in the super active mode to understand and try to find the reasons for the occurrence of the actions.

Karthik S N, in his “From the Womb of Darkness” packs the plot with a bunch of twists and turns and shows his literary flavour for writing poetry. The few lines show his depth of thought and how his wide knowledge can be compressed into a few words, which comprise pensiveness and clarity. These are the salient features of the novel which make it an extraordinary work that would be read by the later generations also.

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Simultaneously, the book also features characters who are strongly human in their actions, reactions, perceptions, and interpretations of situations. They embody the emotions which are visible in an ordinary human even when they are thoroughly professional. From Achintya to Rudra to Nandi, the characters in the centre stage or in the background incarnate behaviours which bring them to life and give strength to their existence. Even the character like Shivam, who make a brief appearance, or even the absent Seema or Raksha make their mark through their few words or their mention in the conversations of others. Overall, the characters are relatable, close to life, and pretty much showcase the people who can be found in the present-day world. This gives weight to the powerful text and adds to its potency. Rudra’s character is well-developed, strong, and represents the differently-abled in a unique, special, and distinguishing manner. Similarly, Achintya’s character also shows promise, dedication, and a rock-solid determination. But his emotional reactions and behaviours show him to be as much human.

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About The Author: Ashwin Karthik SN established himself as a true achiever from the very moment of his birth. He was born with a deficient supply of oxygen, which resulted in a crippling and life-long condition called cerebral palsy. He is the first quadriplegic cerebral palsy student in India to have become an engineering graduate. Currently, he works as an advisor to the Project Management department at DellEMC. Ashwin writes poetry in English, Kannada, and Hindi.

Likewise, “From the Womb of Darkness” features a plot that for once may seem ordinary but features a lot more than the ordinary. The plot is set into action without losing a moment from the first few words and has the readers engaged from there. Without losing them at any juncture, it keeps them on their toes with their wandering thoughts of what happens next. It is interesting to observe that the author abstains from dividing the plot into chapters which ultimately means not letting the readers rest until the mystery is unravelled and they have all the answers. The brief intervals here and there only add to make the readers hungry to know about the events that the author has in store. Almost every page of the book is packed with an unveiling event of a detail or a new strand to the plot, which does not let the readers at a loss of elements that would tickle their imagination. This gives the readers a powerful experience of mystery, suspense, thriller, and brain-teasing action in addition to transporting them into a world where crime has assumed new proportions to prey on the innocent. This makes the work an extraordinary one among the ordinary and strikes a chord with the brains and hearts together.

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The author Karthik S N creates a marvel out of ordinary events, and through his ability to write, he takes the readers into a different world altogether. This gives them a reading experience that is likely to make them want to read “From the Womb of Darkness” again and recommend it to others. From the title, their interest would be triggered, which is likely to go beyond when they would set themselves on reading and exploring the world the author has created. Hence, all readers are urged to read Karthik S N’s “From the Womb of Darkness” not just to understand the world of crime but also to observe the creative genius of the young author.

Author: Ashwin Karthik SN
Book Title: From the Womb of Darkness
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 979-8886063271
Gener: Thriller & Mystery
Publisher: Notionpress
Reviewed By: Akhila Saroha at Criticspace
Rating: 4/5

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