“Sacrifices, which they have made to ensure the Glory of India & countless droplets of blood which they’ve shed to rise our Indian Flag high & inevitable can’t be taken for granted.”

As described by the Authors Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet, this Military-History book is truly “A Token of Patriotism!” Since it is a great tribute to the Indian Armed Forces, I simply loved the idea of the Authors behind this book & the way the sacrifices & bravery of Our Forces are highlighted in this book. Moreover, this is something, which makes me very certain that the hearts of the younger & the upcoming generations would be filled with Pride & Respect for our armed forces!

Book Title: The book title is very apt since a very detailed account of the Indian Military History is provided in this book; the even better thing is that the information provided in this book is verified and very much genuine too. In addition, the book cover is really a catchy one as it is giving an authentic glimpse of the book’s subject matter and compelling the readers to pick up this title.

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Theme/Concept: The theme of this book is Patriotism, which is so beautiful. In an age where very few books are written with the theme of patriotism, this book certainly has done something incredible to grab the reader’s attention. The book is written in Hindi, as the Authors believed that a book dedicated to the Indian Armed Forces must be written in an Indian Language.

Well, this book was written in the period, when the scenario on the Indo-China borders was filled with tension and the Galwan Valley encounter took place, where the Indian Soldiers gave a befitting reply to the Chinese army. Therefore, through this book, the Authors had aimed to highlight such braveries of our armed forces and border security forces. The book pays tribute to both Armed Forces as well as the Paramilitary Forces!

Readers Connect: I must say that both the Authors had done a great job with this book, Author Shreya Sharma who has made her debut with this book had made sure to impress everyone with her hard work, her writing style really deserves appreciation. While Author Neel Preet who is experienced with other books too had made sure to team up with the right person in order to complete a book, which requires so much research, like this one. Overall, it is the team effort and a great partnership between both the authors, which has made this book truly Reading Worthy.

About the Authors: Both the Authors of this incredible book are big followers of the Indian Armed Forces and aims to highlight about the bravery of our armed forces to the younger generation of the nation. With this book, Author Neel Preet & Shreya Sharma are trying to fulfil their dreams, that one day the parents of our nation will proudly and gladly send their children into the national forces. 

Verdict: A book like ‘INDIAN DEFENCE FILES: Volume 1’ is a Must Read one for sure. Moreover, the book deserves a fair chance as it is a patriotic title, which gives a detailed account of the Indian Military History, Operations & Achievements; and the best part is that the ‘Total Profit’ form this book will go to the ‘Ministry of Defence, Government of India’ in order to contribute in the strengthening of our Brave Forces!

Book: Indian Defence Files: Volume 1
Authors: Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet
Publisher: Puffins Publishers Pvt Ltd (2021)
Total Pages: 163
Reviewed By: Moumita Dutta Criticspace

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