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This book, Journey With Time Place And Circumstances was gifted to me by the Co-Author Neel Preet and I was really amazed to read a book like this, which consists the answers of almost all the day-to-day life’s problems. This book is Self-Help in all True Sense!

Books as good as this one are not written every day and Author S.S. Gaur Sir had proved this with his unique approach of solving the problems of the modern generation. His philosophies are evergreen, which will help the upcoming generations as well. The writing style is flawless and the theories are presented in a manner, where it is incredibly smooth to read and understand the ideas of the authors; no wonder the book became a BEST SELLER.

Book’s Introduction: Journey With Time Place And Circumstances, is a Self-Help Book, which is based on the Philosophies of Common Lifetime Experiences and aims to enlighten us with the primary aspects of life like TIME, PLACE and CIRCUMSTANCES on which the Human Journey depends! The Author intends to edify the need of inculcating Knowledge and Skills to the Youths of today’s world so that they learn the DOs and DON’Ts of the life without committing the common mistakes and for them to understand about the RIGHTS and WRONGS, well in advanced.

Moreover, it is extremely significant for every being to take only those steps, which are beneficial for our Growth and Progress! The book, JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES, is written with the object of providing benefits to the youths with the understanding of the life, which depends on TPC (Time, Place, Circumstances).

Journey With Time Place And Circumstances, Book by S.S. Gaur & Neel Preet launched by Jharkhand’s Former Chief Minister Arjun Munda in Jamshedpur

Author S. S Gaur: The Author, Mr. S.S. Gaur comes from a small village called Chhapoli, in district Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan. He was born on 15th July, 1957 to Late Shri G.L. Gaur and Late Smt. Misri Devi. At the young age of 7, he lost his parents and by facing great financial difficulties, he did his schooling from the Government School of Chhapoli and then came to Jaipur to do his Graduation in Commerce. He passed his Secondary, Higher Secondary and Graduation with 1st Division and he was a recipient of “Merit-cum-Need” Scholarship from the Government of Rajasthan.

Despite the hardships life had thrown at him, he fulfilled his dream of studying Chartered Accountancy for which he went to Kolkata and he passed the Chartered Accountancy examinations in the year 1985. He married his wife Mrs. Basanti Gaur in 1976 and is blessed with two sons, Arun and Aditya, both of whom are married and have two lovely grand-daughters. Currently, Mr. Gaur is involved in the Business of Real Estate activities in the name of “Vijaya Homes” in Jamshedpur and the group has grown to become one of the Largest Developers in this part of the Country.

The Author wrote this book where shares his thoughts and ideas on life, which he has learnt from his hardships and experiences. Since 2003, he penned down his thoughts, which has transformed into this book. The book aims to benefit the Youths of the today’s world with the understanding of life, which depends on TPC (Time, Place, Circumstances). Now this young boy Neel Preet has come into the life of the Author and agreed to become the Co-Author. Hence, this book is a combination of Young and Old.  The Author believes that anyone who does hard work with knowledge and honesty will definitely realize their dreams. Nothing can stop them!

Author Neel Preet: Neel Preet is an Indian Author, Columnist, and Writer who is known for his books, VOICE FROM THE EAST (2016) and JOURNEY With TIME PLACE And CIRCUMSTANCES (2018). He wrote his first book, “Voice From The East” at the young age of 21 which got published worldwide in May 2016, this book is a collection of 35 English Poetry, based on the theme of Self-Realization, and is celebrated with some truly High Ratings & Positive Reviews! While his second book, “Journey With Time Place And Circumstances” which got published in June 2018 is a Self-Help Book, based upon the Philosophy of Common Lifetime Experiences which trended on Amazon as the 4th BESTSELLER BOOK.

Readers Connect: The Authors of the book, believes that anyone who does hard work with knowledge and honesty will definitely realize their dreams. Nothing can stop them! Readers are bound to love the book after reading it, as the efforts made by both the Authors are genuinely praise worthy! The tips in this book will amaze you, as their application in practical life are indeed helpful. The book has all the qualities to be a ‘Best Seller’ and it reflects in the theories present in this book, which are very much like a life changing experience!

Verdict: A well-scripted book written by the Authors from their own experiences of life. Every sentence in this book makes a complete and total sense, which makes it a Must-Read one. The book is truly wonderful as it is filled with great insights that one can simply learn the Do’s and Don’ts of the life by just following the theories written in this book. The words used by the authors are also very inspiring and the overall theme has been providing that motivation, which the people are lacking in their lives, while moving ahead towards for their goals!

Book: Journey With Time Place And Circumstances
Authors: S.S. Gaur & Neel Preet
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2018)
Total Pages: 85
Reviewed By: Vikas Kumar at Criticspace Journal

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