Are you looking for something healing to read? Something that will relax your mind and provide you soothe, you have been looking for! Presenting this title – To Cancer, with Love by Neelam Kumar, which will tell you ways to charge up yourself.

Yes, the monster of cancer is on the prowl, but we can beat it. Just like we can beat any adversity. With the right attitude.
Designed in Canada, this is India’s first crowd-funded graphic novel, supported by industry greats Ratan Tata…

Neelam Kumar, the author has fought cancer – not once, but twice, and this is the story of young Neelam, when cancer sneaks back into her life for the second time. As this crisis threatens to break her spirit, she is visited by an old friend – a sassy diva named Carol. Join the two friends as they help you realise that you can overcome any challenges that life may throw at you – when you are armed with the right attitude.

Says Ratan Tata, “Supporting the release of this book in a unique format is one such way in which we believe that the populace can be better prepared to face adversities with a smile”

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan says in his foreword, “Surviving cancer can be the beginning of a beautiful story. Life shrinks to expands in proportion to one’s courage. Twice inflicted, Neelam Kumar thanks cancer for helping her discover the joy she experienced overcoming its negativity. This comic book “To Cancer, With Love – My Journey of Joy” is a tale of love, adventure, personal growth, a do-it-yourself story with humor all rolled into one compulsively concise graphic comic book. The refrain “looks easy enough” is the author’s general attitude to life’s many processes – it is intended as an empowering affirmation to inspire readers with the confidence that they too, can tackle even the most disheartening of life’s challenges and land on their feet.”

Can there be anything wonderful about being diagnosed with cancer twice? Armed with a survival kit that consists of only humor and courage, Neelam Kumar elegantly chronicles her struggle against a disease that threatens to completely overtake her life. Kumar recounts years of illness, betrayal, financial hardships, the breakdown of relationships, and the death of loved ones besides the obvious emotional and physical trauma she does daily battle with. A story both entertaining and profound, To Cancer, with Love, increases our understanding of this life-changing disease and will leave you marveling at the resilience of the human spirit.

About the Author: Neelam Kumar is the bestselling author of 8 books. Her books span across genres and include Our Favourite Indian Stories by Khushwant Singh and Neelam Kumar (JAICO ) as well as the latest bestseller, To Cancer-With Love – My Journey of Joy (Hay House, 2015.) Neelam has written India’s first humorous book on cancer as well as India’s first graphic novel on cancer. Globally educated and widely travelled, Neelam has been educated in countries as diverse as Russia and the United States of America.

Neelam is a motivational speaker, trainer of soft skills, corporate trainer, writer, and of course a ‘Cancer Crusader’ as she has batted the C-word twice. Neelam has three decades of experience in working in India’s largest steel company as Chief of Communications (Public Relations) and DGM (Corporate Affairs).

She owns her own training outfit through which she conducts very popular training programs on communication skills, etiquette, life skills, spoken and written skills for corporates, schools, and institutes. She is invited to the top-most corporates to conduct these programs.

She is passionate about life skills and developing unique modules around them. Her successful programs run across age and gender. As Life Skills Coach at R.N. Podar School, Mumbai, she enjoys firing the minds of youngsters to build a better society by transforming themselves. Neelam conducts workshops on each of the topics in this workbook.

A firm believer in the immense potential each human being possesses, she enjoys guiding participants to tap their latent talent and wisdom in order to transform their realities. This book is a result of this belief.

Article source: Embassybooks

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