CATEGORY: History FORMAT: Paperback IMPRINT: Rupa Publication PRICE: 395 A number of books have been brought out coinciding with International Women’s Day – an ode to inspiring women who changed India, a saga of valiant achievers, and an anthology of stories about those who had swum against the current. “Rising: 30 Women Who Changed India” […]

Write A Book In 5 Easy Steps

Also Read: The Overall Process Of Book Editing Now, many of you reading this article or any other article on this blog would be planning to publish and release a book and if you are one of those readers, then I guess this write-up might help to in a great manner. Writing a book is […]

An Interview with Eshwarmurthy G Pillai Author of the Book Hang On – A Second Wind – Criticspace Journal

Also Read: Book Review HANG ON: A Second Wind By Eshwarmurthy G Pillai Author’s Background: Author Eshwarmurthy G Pillai, was born in 1972 in Mumbai, a city of dreams. His grandfather had influenced him immensely towards leading a social life. Starting the profession career as a Medical Representative in Mumbai, he experienced patient’s trauma closely, […]

The Overall Process Of Book Editing

Role Of Self-Publishing In The Growth Of Modern Authors The step where the process of ‘Book Editing’ is required to give a final shape to the Author’s Manuscript plays a very crucial role in the publishing process of a book. If you are someone related or keeping interest in the literary field then you too […]

Women Pilots: From Sarees To Stripes by Captain Manisha M Puri

MUMBAI (IANS) – “Revolution does not come overnight and social revolution takes time to come. Social and logistics aspects also take time,”the Supreme Court of India had observed on International Women’s Day. The mindset in India’s civil aviation sector, however, began to change way back in the 1930 and has resulted in a situation today where in India, there are […]

Audiobooks – Rise Of The Books

The Top Editing Services In India Actually, creativity is infectious and undeniably, it’s a good thing! Therefore, when we hassle for creativity then the benefits are bound to reach us as the ultimate outcome. So, is the case in the Publishing Industry too. For a long time, there wasn’t anything new left to be done […]

Impact Of Creative Book Cover Designs

We have often heard people, using this particular proverb – “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” However, in reality nobody, I repeat, simply nobody, follows this saying! Now, this issue raises two basic questions in front of us! The first is that why don’t the people follow such a beautiful message in their real […]

Book Review – Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 by Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet

“Sacrifices, which they have made to ensure the Glory of India & countless droplets of blood which they’ve shed to rise our Indian Flag high & inevitable can’t be taken for granted.” As described by the Authors Shreya Sharma & Neel Preet, this Military-History book is truly “A Token of Patriotism!” Since it is a great tribute to the […]

Author Meghna Pant’s new book talks about ‘made in hell’ modern-day Indian marriage169

“Boys Don’t Cry”, a new book by bestselling author Meghna Pant, takes readers behind the closed doors of a ‘made in hell’ modern India marriage. Based on a true story, the book, published by Penguin Random House India (PRHI), will hit the stands on January 17. Touted to be a thriller with a difference, it […]