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Actually, creativity is infectious and undeniably, it’s a good thing! Therefore, when we hassle for creativity then the benefits are bound to reach us as the ultimate outcome. So, is the case in the Publishing Industry too. For a long time, there wasn’t anything new left to be done in the “Book Business” after the introduction of the Electronic Books (E-Books) to the readers around the world. Moreover, the E-Books enjoyed the status of the most modern form of the books for decades and readers too considered E-Books to be the most superior format of the books.

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Then in the year 2010, something new started to trend in India, it was Audiobook, well for the people it wasn’t anything new and yet something remarkably new; Let me explain you how, it is so! Since recordings of spoken words first became possible with the invention of the Phonograph by Thomas Edison in 1877 and the term “Talking Book” came into being in the 1930s with US Government programs designed for blind readers. While the term “Audiobook” came into use during the 1970s when audiocassettes began to replace records in the American Market. Audiobooks in India started to appear somewhat later than in the rest of the world. Only by 2010 did Audiobooks gain mainstream popularity in the Indian market. So now, you must have understood why the introduction of Audiobooks in the Indian Market wasn’t anything new and yet something really new for the readers to rejoice!

Counter to the early usage of the Audiobooks, where it was considered as a reading and learning material only for the blinds, the usage of these Audiobooks has tremendously expanded in the modern world. Audiobooks are no longer only for the blind readers and it has become a lifestyle product for the modern society! Almost all of us realise the benefits of reading books, but only a few of us are successful in following this rewarding habit of book reading. That’s why most of us join Book Groups or make our Summer Reading Lists and try all sorts of techniques to keep up with our target of book reading and yet many of us fail. It’s because life has become messy after the introduction of the internet and rat race of the modern world. And it is over here when the Audiobooks indeed marks it’s eminence and proves it’s worthiness to the readers!

It is an agreed fact that most of us are not having the ample of amount time for book reading even though we try to make this happen. Moreover, life can be extremely busy and tiresome and one cannot judge you if you’re failing to keep up with the habit of book reading. So, in the situation like this, Audiobook has raised up as a perfect solution and has been nothing less than a book to all.

Well, now we’re blessed with the luxury of listening to the Words of Wisdom, which the books provide us through the medium of the Audiobooks! You probably cannot make excuses for not reading books any further if you have the access to the Audiobooks. Moreover, this the best thing about the Audiobooks, that it simplifies the activity of book reading for us! With the access to Audiobooks, now even in our busy life we can listen to the books along with carrying out more than one tasks simultaneously, like for example we can listen to the Audiobooks while working out in the gym or cooking or sitting in a cab or during the walks in the park or even while eating! In addition, the recorded growth of the Audiobooks is found remarkably high; And these Audiobooks had greatly contributed in the blooming of the publishing industry too. So, altogether we can agree that Audiobooks has played a pivotal role in the rise of the books.

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Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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