Title: Body of Work
Author: Mansi Babbar
Pages: 180
Publisher: HarperCollins India
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This year, Mansi Babbar, the Write India contest winner, published her engaging debut book, “Body of Work.” In “Body of Work,” Babbar deftly spins a compelling tale of a news reporter, her relentless search for a scandal, and the events that take place.

This year, Mansi Babbar, a Write India winner, published her suspenseful debut book, “Body of Work.” New York Times bestselling Indian author Ravi Subramanian introduces and guides the book. Babbar provides a terrifying story in “Body of Work” that centres on a news reporter, her dogged pursuit of a scandal, and the ensuing mystery.
“‘Body of Work’ follows Raina, a teenage reporter for the publication Glitterbug.

When Raina follows a tip about a well-known celebrity involved in questionable activities, her life takes an exciting turn. She is sick of covering trivial celebrity gossip and going to boring press conferences. She chooses to follow the sniff out of curiosity and becomes caught in a web of problems.
For those who enjoy reading thrillers but are short on time, the tiny book is perfect. Readers are kept in suspense as they flip each page of the captivating narrative, eagerly anticipating what will happen next. This fast read is a good choice for readers who enjoy thrillers.

About the author: Mansi Babbar is a content creator and has her own podcast, Horror Originals. She was one of the top ten contestants in the Times of India—Write India campaign. Next to writing stories, she loves to binge watch shows on Netflix, camp out on starry nights and eat good food! You can reach her on www.mansibabbar.com or on her Instagram account @mansi_19.

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