Book Title – Riding The Demon
Author – Murali Raghavan
Published by – Leadstart Publishing
ISBN – 9356104018
Genre – Thrillers and Suspense

A work that is inspired by the present-day circumstances is not only more relatable for the readers but also creates their interest at a different level. “Riding the Demon” by Murali Raghavan explores the lives of the people at crossroads where they have to make decisions for either their personal lives or professional. While being inspired by contemporary events, it also comes as a book that not only fascinates the readers’ imagination but also takes them into a world that is inspired by this world and yet makes the readers detached observers. The author uses different techniques to keep the readers involved. Sometimes he makes them a part of the dialogue, and sometimes he detaches them to the position of observers. These techniques keep the readers involved at different levels, and they not only enjoy reading the text but also read through the messages the author gives.

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The narrative in “Riding the Demon” by Murali Raghavan swings through the lives of different characters and shows the different situations they face. By swinging the chapters between the lives of Vikram and Ashwini, the author shows the parallel development of different lives that takes place simultaneously in the world. At the same time, the author also raises several issues which are of social and psychological relevance. The presence of the character of Guruji is one instance in this regard. Through the undefined references to Guruji, the author highlights the social issue where people are misled by the self-proclaimed Godmen who claim to hold the key to people’s salvation. Through the tragic fate of Ashwini’s sister, the author brings one instance which highlights the fate of many like her. It also shows the disconnect that people have with their families, which makes them look for hope beyond the boundaries of their homes.

The title “Riding the Demon” is not just eye-catching, but it also sets the readers’ minds to action in wonder as they try to decipher and decode what it could mean. Although they try to connect the dots with the text from the beginning, it makes sense when they read through and understand the different dimensions that the title touches. It makes sense in the beginning too, but the readers are able to make sense of it by the time they reach the end. The title triggers the imagination in different directions. It seems to have associations with mythology, or the demons with a person, or the demons on the outside. However, on reading, the title takes the meaning in a different direction altogether.

In his less than 250 pages novel, the author Murali Raghavan explores the different facets of life, society, people, and their ordinary and yet extraordinary lives. Even though the characters of Vikram and Ashwini have a life that is a product of ordinary circumstances, the fact that there could be many people like them makes them representative of the many who go through different states and fates. Vikram’s character shows the present-day youth who has the potential to conquer any hurdle in this tech-savvy world. But the lack of guidance or absence of correct guidance does the damage, and thus, they end up in the wrong places and waste their lives as a result.

“Riding the Demon” by Murali Raghavan is a tale that weaves the lives of different people and shows how people can be a victim of circumstances with no choice but to live with it. This is further added on by the writing style of the author. The style has an appropriate mix of suspense, thriller, mystery, wonder, and conjectures of probable reasons for things happening. It takes the readers on a spin where they are attached to the world shown in the novel but also remain detached as spectators who decode the actions. Furthermore, the language used by the author is simple, easy to understand, and clear. There are moments when he plays with words and fascinates the readers. This adds to the attraction of Raghavan’s book and makes it a recommended reading for all readers. This book is recommended to readers who enjoy reading suspense and thrillers and those who like to take their imagination to different levels of exploration through the words the author writes.

At the same time, the book can also be read aloud among circles and discussed in different groups due to the issues it raises. It would be an eye-opener for many, and for some, it would be an acquainting session with the realities of the present day. “Riding the Demon” by Murali Raghavan is a book that is recommended to people of all ages. However, mature readers would be able to understand it much better as the book raises issues and takes events from the present day which are serious and hold relevance for all.

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About The Author: Murali Raghavan is a Chartered & Cost accountant from India. He is based in UAE for the past 29 years and is the co-founder of the company CFOSME, which enables SMEs to optimize their Cash from Operations with improved financial ecosystems. His experience with multinational companies in retail & wholesale distribution, Information Technology, Real Estate and Hotel development, Risk Management & Insurance (Financial Advisor) gives him a wide range of skills and experience.

Raghavan’s book is a financial thriller that dives deep into money laundering in India, particularly the methods used by corrupt businessmen and politicians to funnel their ill-gotten gains into the banking system, post the surprise announcement of Demonetization,

The novel has been written after a lot of research about the methods used by people with ill- gotten wealth to deposit their black money with banks and the vulnerabilities around the data of cash deposits that exists even today.

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