They say an examiner must not give full marks because there is always a scope for improvement. The same rule applies to reviewers as well. We are inherently trained to keep a room wide open for enhancing the book. Anyway, coming to the book; What Is Trading Factor shall capture your attention right from the title itself. The author has done a tremendous job to show the intellectuals a new arena of mathematics that goes beyond Einstein. To be honest, it takes immense courage to contradict someone like Einstein and I am sure the readers will be astounded to see Dr. Gupta’s well-researched viewpoints. In his pursuit of unleashing the vastly integrated processes of nature, What Is Trading Factor is the ninth book in the series.

The present book begins with a wonderful analogy as follows: Life becomes meaningful when we have a  mental map connecting the dots of our actions and their reactions on everyone. So how can we make our life meaningful? By intellectually connecting our sustainability with everyone around us. What is Trading Factor is an investigation led by an anti-thesis: the metaphysical essence of Indian wisdom buried deep within universal consciousness needs excavation with intuition and reason. While unleashing the oneness amongst reality and illusion, the author has prescribed a management approach. Beware, the concept is complex and not palatable for every kind of reader. It is educative, enlightening and interesting in its own way. It is evident that the work is a comprehensive study of science with spirituality. The effort goes beyond non-fiction or academic; rather as a reader, I found the concept quite different from the rat race of self-help books. Now, if you ask me where to categorize this book; I would say, Dr. Vipin Gupta, is perhaps paving his own niche in the non-fiction market.

The third chapter takes an interesting turn when it teaches the method to live life on your own terms. Neither philosophical nor preachy, the chapter unveils a scientific and mathematical approach to how your life is guided. Imagine someone talking about genetic code integrated with our technological growth! If you feel stuck in the time loop with your consciousness growing and ever find your consciousness flowing away in space; you are holding the correct book to answer your doubts. If you ever feel what India’s ancient history has contributed to the world; I request you to read the VIPIN series of books. Our spiritual scriptures have more knowledge than one could ever imagine and Dr. Gupta has taken this wonderful initiative to hold aloft our ancient wisdom on the global platform. Would you be surprised if I tell you that this book can reverse your illusion into exponential imagination?

As a free mind, unchained of any inhibitions, we often grab the negative energy first. Chapter 6 answers the reason behind this chaotic indulgence and how it can be managed. On the organizational behaviour front, one can release the potential towards perfection by trading work culture. Curiously, when the world is talking about COVID-19 and its impact on mental health from the psychological perspective, this book takes a deeper dig into the ecological stressables in the management realm.

As mentioned earlier, this book is resolute research done to wipe off the accumulated dust on our Indian ancient wisdom. Informative, deep, serious and curious in chorus; this book is a courageous effort. A small change shall do well if the editor tries to incorporate the meaning of Hindi words used. Simply indexing may not be that useful when the book is trying to reach a global audience. All said and done, a highly influential book to refine our perspectives towards Nature, life and the cohesion between the two.

Book Name: What Is Trading Factor
Author: Dr. Vipin Gupta
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewed by: Atrayee Bhattacharya at Criticspace

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