How To Craft A Killer Book Title

Well, conventional wisdom says that generating the title for your book is a part of the creative process, not the marketing process. However, modern reality says that book titles have a lot to do with the success or the failure of books in the marketplace. Now, just imagine it yourself, wouldn’t you pick up a book, which has an interesting title if you are an author then don’t you try to come up with some killer titles for your books? Therefore, today in this write-up we shall cover some effective methods of creating eye-catching & intriguing titles for your books!

Interestingly, the experts in the book marketing industry had pointed out that the big & long book titles are things of the past and would not be of much help in generating sales in the current era. Moreover, experts around the globe had always advised against the selection of boring titles. In addition, they had also advised against the titles that are wrong for the genre & titles that are not compatible with cover imagery. Well, if you look over these points, which are made by the experts, then you shall find that they make sense.

Now, the big question is how authors like you develop, strong, intriguing book titles that result in selling more copies of your books. Although a book title consists of just a few words in most cases, it might be the toughest thing you have to write in the entire process. However, taking your time and following some good advice will allow you to connect with readers in a big way. After all, it does not matter how awesome the rest of your book is if you cannot hook potential readers and buyers with a terrific book title!

Therefore, let us have a look over some vital tips that can help you ensure that your book titles work in your favor –

Achieve Title/Cover Imagery Symbiosis

Your book’s title is the first thing that potential readers will look at and judge. Even the book cover is the second thing for them. They need to work for hand in hand, evoking exactly what is contained within the book’s pages.

The Title Gives Away the Genre

Your title should tell readers (along with your cover art) exactly what genre you are in and if it is unclear, then you are going to fail to attract the fans you want. In addition, this will also result in alienating the readers who thought they were in for a different kind of reading experience!

Ask Questions

It can be helpful to ask yourself some questions about the title you have generated. These questions can be:

i) Would you buy a book with this title?

ii) Would you be proud to be known as the author of a book with this title?

iii) Is your title memorable?

iv) Does your title evoke the story contained within your book?

v) Is your title easily pronounced?

vi) Does it sound good when spoken?

vii) Does it look good to the eye, especially when set against the cover imagery for your book?

Take Your Time

 Your book’s title is not unlike an entire chapter unto itself, so you have to be patient as you craft it. Experiment with different word choices and see if you can improve its rhythm. Even if the ideal title comes to you in a flash of inspiration, there is always room for improvement, so keep massaging it until it is absolutely perfect.

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Get Feedback

Do not just rely on your own judgment; get some feedback from people you trust to tell you exactly what they think. Ask them the same questions about the title that you have asked yourself, and be sure to give them a chance to actually read the book so they have an idea about whether the title is appropriate or not.

​​​​​​​Title Advice for Non-Fiction Authors

If you work primarily in the non-fiction sector, you should avoid most of the above advice. Otherwise, it is likely that the potential readers will think your book is a novel, and that is the last thing you want after putting in so much effort!

However, the step of a book’s title creation is just as important for non-fiction authors as it is for fiction authors to convey the exact genre with the title of the book. In addition, if you are a non-fiction author, you get a bit more room to work with since non-fiction conventions allow for subtitles and taglines, which give you the chance to make your titles incredibly powerful.

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Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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