How To Get More Pre-Orders For Your Next Book

It is common knowledge that Amazon is the biggest global platform where authors can go for the ‘Pre-Order’ of their books. However, many times budding authors wonder why it is necessary to go for Pre-Orders or what benefits would they get by making their book available for sale before the actual release! Well, if you too are one of those authors who questions the benefits of Pre-Orders then this write-up may help you form a better understanding of this matter. Experts had always supported the authors’ decision of going with the option of Pre-Orders for their books. But, why do the experts encourage the act of going for Pre-Orders that too when those books are already in the pipeline for release? Now, this is an interesting theory, which we shall cover in this article!

In many ways, going for the Pre-Order option can help you in generating more sales for your books and we shall be covering those points too in this write-up. Nevertheless, before diving deep into the Ways to Generate More Book Sales via Pre-Order, let us first look over the benefits of the option of Pre-Orders. Well, there are several reasons that support the experts’ advice of going for Pre-Orders. Moreover, if you doubt the benefits of Pre-Orders, then have a good look at the points mentioned below –

1) Pre-Orders allow your biggest fans to express their enthusiasm for your work.

2) Having a book available for Pre-Order gives the impression that you are a successful and a MUST-READ author!

3) Pre-Orders give you yet another useful marketing angle to promote your work while extending the promotional timeframe.

4) Making your book available for Pre-Order gives you an opportunity to identify your most ardent fans!

5) Pre-Orders help you build hype and anticipation, making it more likely that your book will be a bestseller.

However, you cannot just make your book available for Pre-Order and simply expect the readers to buy your book because wonders will not happen to you if you will not put in your own efforts. In order to make your Pre-Order Campaign a successful one with a desirable result-yielding output you need to make some efforts and follow certain guidelines. You are going to achieve a desirable result from your Pre-Order Campaign only when you will put some inputs from your own front. Well, we have some tips for you that can help you in generating higher book sales via the option of Pre-Order!

Now, let us have a look over those ways, which can help authors to get more Pre-Orders for their books –

Tell Everyone You Know

One of the most simple yet very much effective methods to make your Pre-Order Campaign yield a desirable result is to contact everyone you know personally. Be it your phone’s contacts, your email contacts, your Facebook friends list, or your Twitter & Instagram followers. Making this personal connection means a lot to people, and it can help you spread awesome Word-of-Mouth promotion for your book. This takes time and effort, but it is something that can pay you off in a big way.

Take Advantage of Your Email List

Your email list is the cornerstone of your author platform, and getting Pre-Orders is a wonderful way to make use of it. The people on your list are more likely to Pre-Order your book, so be sure to let them know about your latest release!

Set the Price Low

It is much easier to get people to Pre-Order when you provide incentives for them to do so. Set your Pre-Order price low and you will give people a great reason to get on board.

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Build Your Social Media Following Early

Promoting your book on social media is essential, but if you want to ensure that you maximize your Pre-Order sales, you need to build a strong following. Do not wait until you make your book available to start getting followers and fans!

Reach Out to Online Influencers

Identify podcasters, bloggers YouTubers and social media mavens who can help you build excitement about Pre-Ordering your book. Provide them with something of value in exchange for Pre-Order promotion.

 Use Goodreads

Obviously, you are going to be promoting your upcoming release on your website, but be sure to use the Goodreads platform as well, so that you can reach the world’s largest book fans community. Interestingly, Goodreads is that platform which accounts for the highest number of book readers & reviewers!

Run Promotions on Existing Books

If you have a back catalogue of titles, now is a great time to promote them aggressively, which will enhance your author profile and get more people interested in your existing output. By doing this, you stand a much better chance of getting them to Pre-Order your next one.

Update Existing Books’ Back Matter

Another great way to leverage your existing selection of books is to update their back matter to include the Pre-Order link for your upcoming title!

Build Your Marketing Plan as Early as Possible

Do not make your book available for Pre-Order and then create your marketing plan. Instead, create a solid marketing plan, which will involve you doing something significant work to promote your book every week, at minimum and then only make your book available for the Pre-Order option.

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Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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