How Does Reaching Out To Blogs Helps In The Promotion Of Your Books

When you are an author, you simply tend to explore the various ways to tell the world about your books and it is a wonderful thing too. More importantly, telling the world about your books is a necessity as well, since the whole point of writing a manuscript & then publishing it is to have a readership for the efforts that you have put out into completing your book. Now, it does not matter much if you have only a single title under your name or a whole bunch of books under your name, as the duty of every author is same irrespective of the number of titles published by them. Therefore, it is very much obvious that being an author demands you to keep finding out the numerous ways to tell the world about your books!

Now, there are several ways to tell the world about your books & many of you might have even tried out those several ways too. Interestingly, if you are someone who had tried to reach out to the world with the announcements of your books then you might be knowing that not all the means of reaching out to the world are effective. For instance, just take the case of the most popular social media platform of the current generation, i.e., Instagram. Well, Instagram is highly popular among the audience of all ages but is Instagram helpful for all the authors? I mean yes, Instagram is a great platform to showcase your writings & books, but will that sell your books? Sadly, the answer is a big no; posting your writings & published works on Instagram will surely help you in gaining followers. However, that popularity will not help you in the sales of your books unless you are a big name or an author with verified badge.

So, you must be very particular about the mediums that will help you in the best possible manner to reach out to the world with the announcements of your books. Choosing the right medium for carrying out book promotional activities becomes even more vital as one wrong selection from your end may lead you to a huge loss of time & efforts. Therefore, choosing a safe option like a Blog would not only give you a better & safer medium but also will ensure to highlight your efforts in front of the right set of the audience. Blogs are probably the oldest method of carrying out promotional activities on the internet and still they are very much successful in maintaining their relevancy!

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Well, let us have a look over some of those primary reasons, which makes Blogs to be the best option to tell the world about your books –

Requires more efforts but is less Competitive

This takes a lot more work than just sending a tweet about your book. The work factor and the hustle required to brainstorm topics, find sites, and reach out to each of those sites is very high. Many people just do not do it because of that. A successful acquaintance of mine was once asked how he was so successful doing something others tried to do but were not as successful at.

Not yet saturated with Authors

While similar to the above, and a direct result of the above reason, these blogs are not saturated with authors talking about their books. So, when a blog post or interview or forum discussion brings up your book, it is fresh to the readers of that blog, because it is not just another book post on a book blog. These unsaturated areas of the internet are the best places to find readers!

The best place to carry out Promotions

Authors often asks this question, “What is the best place to promote the books?” While there are great places geared towards authors, these places become saturated with authors, and do not always provide the same results over time. By reaching out and finding places not geared towards authors, you are giving yourself a huge leg up and a lot better chance to not only be featured, but because it is not saturated and your book will stand out to be noticed.

The countless number of Blogs

There are millions of blogs and forums, so that alone provides plenty of variety and lack of saturation. Combine that with the fact that writers are not really in competition with each other because of the reading habits of most of the readers. Hence, there is plenty of room for multiple blog posts on a blog about different books!

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In conclusion, being an author requires you to reach out to the more number of readers and for that you need to identify topics related to your book, reach out to blogs on those topics. More importantly, you need to start building relationships with bloggers so that you can leverage the audience they have worked hard to build. This will help you to sell more books, and the hard work will pay off.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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