Many of us would agree that our life is like a Roller Coaster Ride and we all have experienced the ups & downs of life at some or other points in our lives. We have no idea about our past life & we are totally clueless about what our future life would be, well all we have in our hands is our present. To put it in a simpler manner one can say that, we humans are complex beings. We are running every day in our lives to earn a living & this has become the root cause of our unstable lifestyle, which can also be considered as the ‘Transitions in Life!’

Let us begin our discussion with the initial stage of human life, which is our childhood phase. The first phase is when a child starts to understand the world, they learn the basics such as walking & talking. They adjust to their surroundings in order to grow in the direction expected of them with the support of their family. So, there is very less trouble in this stage when it comes to transitions.

The troublesome phase begins when a child goes from childhood to adulthood, which is the ‘Stage of Adolescence’ as it is a completely disturbing experience in human life because a child changes into an adult during this phase. A child goes through a complete transformation phase, i.e. both physically as well as mentally. Children feel irritated with their physical growth & this leads to disturbances in their emotional settings. They become more aggressive & easily cry even when it comes to tiny matters. They generally prefer their friends, over their family & they often take wrong decisions under their friends’ influence. This leads to disturbance in the choice of their career & life paths too!

Steps that can be taken at this stage –

  • Children should be given proper education regarding physical changes of the human body;
  • career counselling should be provided to them in schools;
  • Parents should spend more time with their children in order to understand their emotions;
  • Children should choose their friends wisely.

Now, coming to the next very important phase of transition that occurs in our lives, i.e. Adulthood (Age 21 and onwards).Well, one may also name this phase the ‘Golden Period’ since, these are the crucial years, which can either make or break a person. At 21, we complete our graduation & most of us start to focus on our carrier. Some people get themselves a job, while others get stuck between getting a job or studying further. The one who decides to study further approaches the age of 25 and then starts to feel problematic about their career. They remain stressful for most of the time regarding the kind of job to accept & the growth with that job. Most often, they start to get a feeling as if they have wasted so many years of their life & are still dependent upon their parents. Well, such people are often found to be complaining about life!

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Another major trouble that the adults face is the unnecessary pressure placed upon them by their parents regarding marriage. This dilemma is a most stressful phase of one’s life. Nevertheless, this scenario can be solved by –

  • Taking wise decisions regarding career opportunities;
  • One should try to convert their passion into a profession;
  • More time should be given to personal growth and development;
  • Most important one should not panic and feel anxious about life.

The last transitional phase of life is when a person retires from a job or profession to spend the remaining years of their life with their loved ones. A person approaching the last few years of his or her life often looks to gain peace. They engage themselves in social work but at the same time, they miss their daily routine too. They sometimes feel dependent upon their children for money & love. They feel like losing their dignity & self-respect at this stage of their lives. Well, one of the real healthy manners to manage this crisis is to develop a greater level of understanding between an old age person & his or her children. To live a happy life it is important for us to understand & respect each other’s lifestyles at different stages of life.

In conclusion, we can say that life is not very complex; mostly it is we, who make our own lives complex by not understanding in a proper manner. We need 100% Clarity with our roles in our lives & our relationships need more understanding at various levels. All the transitions of our lives can be dealt with easily if one has the power & ability to act with a solution-based mindset & think straight in most situations!

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Written By SHREYA SHARMA – Author of the Book, Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 (2021).

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