Music plays a very crucial role in our lives; since music is an incredible medium to express our emotions. Moreover, it is one of the best ways to express our emotions. Well, music is conveyed to us in several forms, with Concerts being one of the most popular mediums. However, when we think about modern-day’s concerts, immediately an image of a rockstar with a guitar along with a whole band and a huge gathering of people, dancing & grooving to loud music comes to our minds. And undoubtedly, it is hard to imagine a classical singer playing harmonium & singing soothing Ghazals in context to modern day’s concerts!

But, why is it so hard? It is because we have limited the scope of Ghazals only to the Music Apps on our mobile phones or to the YouTube Playlists on our laptops when we feel like listening to soft music. Whereas we like to spend our money on concerts where Hip-Hop Music is played & sung and for most of us, Ghazals & Classical Music comes under less priority list. We have shifted so much towards Western Music that we feel ashamed of our deep-rooted Indian Classical Music. Unfortunately, in this modern era, people listening to retro music are termed as ‘Old School’ and looked down upon in their circles. Well, this latest trend of remixing old hits & retro songs, which is going on for last many years now is something that is not at all liked by the people of the older generations.

Well, if we go by the beliefs of the ‘Purists’ then we shall find that they strictly believe that the heritage of Classical Music should be preserved & presented exactly in the original form even to the newer generations. In short, the Purists or hardcore music lovers do not like any kind of alteration in the original form of the music. Moreover, for them, the value of music lies in the authenticity of the composed music, which is regarded as ‘Sudh Sangeet’ or Pure Music by the purists of our society!

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Interestingly, when we think about Ghazals, the first thought or the first voice that comes to our mind is that of the Legendary Ghazal Star, Late Jagjit Singh Ji. He gave us many soothing Ghazals, Nazms & Songs too and some of his heart touching & evergreen works are – tum itna jo muskura rahe ho; koi fariyaad; chithi na koi sandesh and many more. Well, on 8th of February 2023, which is the birth anniversary of Shri Jagjit Singh Ji, an event named MEHFIL-E-MOUSIQUI-E-JAGJIT was organised by the Art & Culture department of the University of Kurukshetra in Kurukshetra. Well, what made this event great was the fact that it offered the audience with utmost calmness & brought out the importance of the Indian Classical Music too. The Mehfil in the event was incredible as the core vocalist, Shri Amrish Mishra gave his magical touch to the entire auditorium. The combination of lyrics, tabla, guitar & harmonium was a perfect combination to make the evening a memorable one.

One could observe that the people sitting in the audience were all into the lyrics & music as they all were singing along with the lead vocalist. It seemed that the audience were on a Musical Journey through the medium of Jagjit Singh Ji’s Evergreen Ghazals. Undoubtedly, it is very much true, that good music & lyrics take us to a thoughtful journey that is composed either of the imaginations or of the past-experiences. However, in today’s fast pacing life, where earning bread & butter for our family has become the utmost priority, we have forgotten to relax our mind & soul. Therefore, it becomes important for us to attend such events that can provide our mind & soul a much-needed therapy. In addition, this therapy of the Classical Indian Music is something that the modern generation youths too needs to try!

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Written By SHREYA SHARMA – Author of the Book, Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 (2021).

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