Book Review | The Rhythm To Soar |Steffy Terrance

Poetry is the play of right words with some of the most in-describable emotions, while poets are those players who plays with the beautiful words and makes way to compose these heart touching and soulful poems for us! Reviewing this beautiful Poetry-Collection book, “The Rhythm To Soar” by Author-Poet Steffy Terrance has been an extremely […]

Book Review | Love Knots |Author Tirtho Banerjee | Criticspace Journal

When poetry takes the garb of real, the product that is the result is far more closer to reality than the words of fiction. The poet Tirtho Banerjee creates this realistic product in his third title, “Love Knots.” After his earlier collections, “Beyond Words and Between Lines” and “Cityscape,” the title “Love Knots” would seem […]

Love.Feel.Pain.Heal.Repeat – poems of love, hope, passion, rupture and healing

These four words highlight the most common aspects of that phenomenon called Love. Even more so, when it’s one-sided. Just as the name suggests, this book is a beautiful compilation of poems about all the feelings and phases people usually go through before and after a heartbreak. Most notably, Author Shilpa has come out as […]


My Thoughts: Poetry is one of the strongest art forms used to perfectly portray a person’s inner feelings. The muse can be anyone or anything, but the words take a magical turn once moulded by a poet. It is no wonder that a poem of 2 lines can also explain a lifetime journey. Personally, I […]