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While growing up, everyone would have heard of different tales from the hearts of the Indian folklore and epics. While these stories are meant to inspire and inculcate values to help today’s children become responsible citizens of tomorrow, these tales also instill moral and ethical standards in people’s minds simultaneously. As a result of the inspiration, many readers have tried to give the stories words and tried to predict them through their own versions. One such effort has been made by Seema Seth in her epic recreation of “Yashoda and Krishna.” Seth, through her book, inculcates values, inspires the readers to an ideal life, and educates them about the life of the divine figure that finds mention in history one way or the other.

Most readers would have heard or read the story from one source or another. But it is interesting to note how the author constructs the narrative of “Yashoda and Krishna” sequentially and packs the story with different facets of a linear plot. This plot takes the readers back to the time of Lord Krishna’s life from his early days when he was naughty and playing his tricks in return to being beaten up by his foster mother Yashoda, to the time when he grows up to romance Radha. While this, for once, entertains the readers, it also teaches important lessons like the meaning of family, friendship, different phases of life, how epic ideas are related to human lives, and many other aspects that touch human lives one way or the other. As the plot unfolds and develops, it explores different dimensions of Lord Krishna’s personality from multiple angles.

Seth weaves the plot in a smooth fashion. She constructs the characters and their personalities that seem to be thoroughly inspired and carved out of human existence. Alongside this, the plot unfolds at a fine pace and keeps the readers connected to the text throughout. The author does not infuse any unnecessary diversions or details as she knows that the readers would be knowing bits of it already. She picks up events from the ends that may not have been examined by the readers and opens their eyes to new perspectives. In that manner, the book is a fresh reading to the story that would have been read by the readers many times. It would also ensure that they suggest “Yashoda and Krishna” to other readers or even those who would have only heard of the tale and not read anything about it so far. This also opens the book for reading with different thoughts and different mindsets.

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“Yashoda and Krishna” by Seema Seth is not limited to being read by the followers or devotees of Lord Krishna. It can be read by those who want to know about the life of Lord Krishna otherwise and the intricate details which may have been mentioned briefly in the epic. This makes sure that the book can be read by many readers irrespective of their age group or whether they are devotees or not.

Most of the readers would have read the tales of Lord Krishna from their childhood. But through “Yashoda and Krishna,” the author gives a third person examination of the existing events and makes the readers explore the same stories from a new end. As they read through, the readers also become participants in the events happening and start relating with them as the plot unfolds. They are able to connect very strongly with Lord Krishna and the different situations and conflicts he has faced in his life. For younger readers, it would seem exciting, but grown-ups would find significant life lessons to be drawn from the story.

“Yashoda and Krishna” by Seema Seth can be read by all kinds of readers irrespective of their age groups or what they do. Students, the working population, or people in their old age can read the book with equal interest and experience similar excitement on reading about the life of the divine figure. At the same time, the book would also be a refreshing experience for the readers. The epic dimensions suggest the book to be a work of non-fiction but the framework that the author gives transport the readers into the world of fiction where they can see all the events through the eyes their imagination gives them. Therefore, the book becomes a recommended reading for all readers. In addition to this, the moralistic aspect of the book ensures that young readers learn many things before time and are ahead of their peers in terms of knowledge.

Hence, all readers should try reading “Yashoda and Krishna” by Seems Seth and visit the world of naughty Krishna playing tricks with his mother Yashoda and how as he grows up, life situations change and make him a better person with time.

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Book Title: Yashoda and Krishna
Author Name: Seema Seth
Publisher: Partridge Publishing India
Reviewed by: Akhila Saroha at Criticspace

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