Divided into 3 parts, this book MEET THE REAL YOU functions on two levels. Firstly, it is a blueprint to reboot one’s life and a recipe to find meaning and purpose in existing. Hence, it pushes people away from merely existing into truly living their life holistically. Chetan Bansal works around a simple belief: Life is a game. Hence, the book is his practiced and proven strategies to win in this game of life without any collateral damage and ensuring emotional independence, self-reliance, and free-spiritedness. These are all qualities that Bansal believes can be inculcated provided the individual is aware of the nature of life, its attributes, its challenges, and its qualities. Bansal draws an analogy from modern daily life. He compares living life to driving a car. Initially, driving a car can be difficult for those who do not want to learn and practice or understand the method behind this skill. As an acquired skill it takes a lot of hard work to ace it.

ACCORDING TO BANSAL, the same goes for life. Once the rules, laws, and practices of life are understood then one can grasp the formulas of life, mind, and universe and thrive on them. This will make the open-minded learner a skillful driver of life and feel the reigns of life in his hands. This reduces undue stress and eases struggles to make living more enjoyable and a pleasant experience.

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While this remains the crux of the content of the book, the unique typesetting and format of the book makes it different from other self-help books. The book is divided into 9 chapters of more or less equal length. The important points that the author wants to drive home and have them etched in the mind of the reader is written in bold letters.

Soon after the main idea of the book and the thought process that drives it, there is an entire page filled with hashtags of several self-motivating words that encourage, persuade and uplift the reader towards meeting positive ends. This lays the entire onus of the success or failure of life on one’s actions. It is important to note that these are conscious actions that Bansal deals with throughout the book. In this sense, the book lays emphasis on strengthening one’s bond with one’s roots, to focus on one problem in life at a time, and untie the knots within the mind to unshackle it from the grips of agony.

The three-part division of the book is helpful because the practical advice that is put in it can be taken in through a step-by-step process. Part A of the book looks into giving the reader a deep understanding about life, mind, universal and personal space. The other two parts that is B and C, try to strengthen the connection of the reader with the omnipotent reality that is considered eternal.

The book serves to give a deeper perspective but nonetheless, it is a perspective and the author does not at any point seem to coax the reader into accepting or blinding taking in all that is presented in the book. He merely asks for the reader to contemplate and trust the process of being in this world. This is in sync with the writing style that is simple, follows through the course of ideas in a gradual manner, and maintains a calming pace that helps to digest ideas.

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The book like many books that are innovative in the genre of self-help comes with new concepts that may call for attentive reading. However, Bansal relaxes the reader and almost provides a healing therapy session that rejuvenates, boosts morale, and makes for a one of a kind read. This has much to do with Bansal’s own belief that all humans have by default some innate or pre-installed codes for emotions like happy, successful, purposeful, loving, and passionate.

Synchronising with the eternal power helps to activate these codes and once codes get activated then the entire programme runs automatically. However, it is up to the individual being to ensure that these codes function smoothly at all times and any glitches in the system need to be assessed without worry or fear. This is where the process of mastering life begins.

Bansal also brings in a few unique terms but they are explained in detail and seem quite innovative. One such is the wow technique: “To develop laser sharp focus, immense emotional & spiritual strength, for connecting with source and activation of all life skills narrated above and thus all success in life.” Others include IP thought process, horizontal to vertical alignment, F-TIPP technique, 3G/4G model technique, SSF to DLS breathing, PPN scan model, and a 9 point spiritual attitude.

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This shows that the book combines the physical, the internal with the emotional and the external reality to help reach the higher reality for it is a truth universally acknowledged that only when the mind is in synchrony with the higher reality or omnipotent power then only can there be progress and prosperity. This is where the title of the book comes in play and makes perfect sense. Reading the book is a process of self-assessment that helps the reader to meet their true self and groom themselves towards that ideal image of themselves in case they have shortcomings.

Book Title: Meet The Real You
Author Name: Chetan Bansal
Reviewed by: Criticspace Journal
Rating: 4/5

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