Top 5 Academic Publishers in India

Writing a book is not enough be it of any genre an author needs to go through a whole lot of processes after he finishes writing his book. The first thing that one needs to do is to contact a publishing company. A Publishing company helps the author in almost everything from copy editing, to media training, authors and illustrators, creating and marketing materials to promote the book, deciding which retailers to approach to stock the book, and persuading newspaper and magazine editors to run reviews. Finding a good publishing company is the most necessary thing for a writer as everything his book requires to be recognized and loved by the readers and reach the correct audience is done by a publishing company.
This blog post will let you know what you can expect from an academic publisher for your books and which are the Top 5 Academic Publishers in India.

What services does an academic publishing company provide?

Academic works are published in academic journal articles, books, or theses. An Academic book or article is a detailed and well-researched work dealing with a particular subject. An Academic Publishing company deals with academic research and knowledge. Every company has its particular subject in which they work but some companies provide services for more than one subject. An academic book or research article requires editing, media training, authors and illustrators, deciding which retailers to approach, proofreading, printing, marketing, and transitions. Academic works are published in academic journal articles, books, ebooks, textbooks, and reference work for researchers, students, and academic libraries.

Top 5 Indian Academic Publishers

Motilal Banarasidass Publishing House
Founded by Motilal Jain in 1903 it is one of the most well-known publishing houses. They started their first office in Lahore but after independence, they finally set up their branch in Delhi. Before settling in Delhi they also had to change their offices to Patna and Amritsar.
MLBD deals with Sanskrit and Indology subjects. It publishes and distributes serials, monographs, and scholarly publications on Asian religion, philosophy, history, culture, arts, architecture, archaeology, language, literature, linguistics, musicology, mysticism, yoga, tantra, occult, medicine, astronomy, astrology, and other related subjects, and to date have published over 25,000 works.
A few of their most prominent works are the 100 volumes of the Mahapuranas, Sacred Books of the East (50 Volumes) edited by Max Müller; Bibliotheca Buddhica (30 Volumes in 32 pts); Ramcharitmanas with Hindi and English translation, the Manusmriti in ten volumes and the Sanskrit lexicon, and Encyclopedia of Indian Philosophies (7 volumes). It also brings out books based on research and study conducted at organizations such as the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR), Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA), and the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR).

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Globalmedik, A Health Publisher
Globalmedik is a main worldwide distributor and supplier of scholarly data in the field of medication, dentistry, nursing, and unified well-being. situated in New Delhi it is one of the most promising publishers in the field of medicine. They publish digital content, ebooks, and paperback as per the requirement.

S Chand and Company Limited
Itis located in Uttar Pradesh and was founded by Shyam Lal Gupta in 1939. They deal with all kinds of school books both ICSE and CBSE from lower to higher education. They also work with competitive exam writers and provide a wide range of books in all subjects be it for NNET, SSC, UGC IIT, and much more. Not only this it also provides books for professional courses therefore it is one of the most helpful and useful companies for a student. their target is to support individuals at all levels by working with their development and necessities as it completely accepts that individuals are the best solidarity to any association.

Nirali Prakashan
It was founded by Mr Dinesh one of India’s most definitive scholarly substance Distributer with around 40 years of ability and in excess of 20,000 titles distributed to date. It is situated in Pune  Nirali Prakashan is famous among the students as the most believed supporter of content redid for a few schools and colleges in India. The organization has practical experience in quality course readings from school to postgraduate levels. These books are composed according to the schedule of Indian Colleges, by prominent and experienced writers in their subjects.  They publish course readings and reference books extraordinarily organized by academicians, specialists, and teachers of India’s most well-prestigious Colleges for a large group of fields like a Drug stores, Designing, The executives, CBSE, Trade, Science, Expressions, Junior Schools (11th and 12th) and Essential and Optional Instruction (Maharashtra Board).

SAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Established in 1981 by Vivek Mehra SAGE Publications  India Pvt Ltd is a main free, scholastic and expert distributor of imaginative, top-notch content. Universally, SAGE Distributions appeared in 1965 and is the world’s driving autonomous scholar and expert distributor. SAGE Publications India publishes E-Books and Books on these subjects: Theology, Social Sciences, Psychology, Politics, Law, History, Family, and Education.

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