In Conversation With Professor Vipin Gupta About His Book What Is Trading Factor 

A scientific manual with a mathematical approach in an illustrative format may seem like a thing of the outer world but Dr. Gupta’s dedication and diligence has helped achieve this feat flawlessly. The 10th book in the series, What is Cultural Factor is divided into 5 very engaging chapters. While the book is heavy on information and scientific understanding, the simple language and easy to follow style along with systematic organisation of the ideas makes for an engaging read. The chapters are lengthy with unequal length. The chapter titled The Space Tensor: Exchanging The Entity Within is the climax of the book. However, this does not mean that the other chapters are not interesting. The climax can only stand on the basis of all that helps to build it up and then elaborate and explain it. This is facilitated in the first few chapters that help build the essence of Project VIPIN.

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The book includes an index followed by an elaboration of project VIPIN and a list of abbreviations. The content of the book revolves around understanding basics of biology through basics of mathematics. Biology consists of a population. It has divergent groups in it. It is a science of transformation of the population into groups called genus. Genus is a part of species and species has the ability to enjoy a life of eternity. Within biology and among biologists Charles Darwin holds a high stature.

The crux of the book is the fragmentation of the population into diverse groups. This is a natural process as a matter of adaptation done by nature. The book goes on to explain this process that has a lot to do with the reproduction force. This is basically the evolutionary force or tushti of time that pushes the process of evolution further. So, cultural factor remains all about acculturation of the individual and his ability to adjust with the environment. The ideas delineated in the text is new and may be a little difficult to grasp for readers who do not pay close attention. It is definitely not a light weekend read but one that requires the reader to participate equally in the reading process, engage in the ideas and think them deeply. The use of mathematics to explain biology is a creative approach to present new ideas.

The bullet points guide the reader to systematically take in the new ideas. The writing style is lucid and easy to follow though the reader may stumble upon the Sanskrit transliterated words. However, Dr. Gupta’s efforts to ease the difficulty of the reader at all instances is commendable. He understands that he is presenting complex concepts and the simplified language helps to bring out the new ideas holistically. It is like presenting the deep knowledge of Indian tradition and culture through the technique of mathematics in a Western language of English. This connection of the oriental with the occidental like in previous books in the series makes for an engaging read.

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The illustrations are quirky and very different from the previous books in the series. They are very artistic and contemporary. Important ideas that need to be noted or bits of information that are required to empower the reader in being able to understand the text better are available within the larger content of the text in colourful boxes. On the whole, the book is a must-read for students of biology, philosophy, and mathematics or anyone who is looking for a different kind of extraordinary non-fiction book.

Book Title – What Is Cultural Factor
Author Name – Dr. Vipin Gupta
Publisher – Independently Published Imprint
Rating- 4/5
Reviewed by – Aashi at Criticspace

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