In the process of discovering the complicated and integrated processes inside Nature, Dr. Vipin Gupta has come up with the 6th book of VIPIN project- What Is Para Consciousness. As the tagline goes, this book will help us nurture the potential beyond what we already know. The path to discovering reality, whether present or the potential, is to be conscious as a creator of the diverse mental realities. Before I write a detailed review, I would like to remind the readers that this is a spiritual enlightening project. If you pick up a random book, you will end up understanding nothing. To absorb this thorough analysis, one must go through the previous five books. It is like a series, each book connected to the next.

The deciding factor behind our success or failure always resides within our consciousness. Anything beyond the known comes under the purview of para consciousness. We all know that our potential is not restricted to the present. Yet, we overlook how our conscious mind overshadows our ability to be divine and disciplined in life. This work is a comprehensive cohesion between science and spirituality. It has the ability to churn our blind faith towards science as well as towards God. It walks us through several notions of the natural system, astronomical alignments that influence the outcomes. On the same note, the author draws the conclusion that all these astronomical bodies are more of an illusionary object; with a flick of which the world can be drowned, much like in this pandemic.

The book begins with a riveting preface where the para consciousness is defined as borrowed consciousness. We have to manage the para consciousness to ascend the consciousness of what is absent in our consciousness. As we understand the author’s stand towards who the manager is and who becomes manageable, we realize how reasoning and intuition go hand in hand to make a decision. As we grasp the concept of transforming para consciousness, we understand how workforce behaviour can alter managerial behaviours. We get to learn how with ascending consciousness of the absolute law, the workforce system disintegrates. It further talks about ascending consciousness within and also without para consciousness.

The first chapter is about the para conscious universe in the present reality. It details the types of the para conscious universe. If you are wondering that the book delves into godly features and complete opposition to science, I welcome you to read the highlighted section of the para conscious universe of the atom. It further elaborates the consequential, dynamic and technological reality of para consciousness. As the chapter concludes we are bestowed with the knowledge of the spiritual centre and how consciousness and para consciousness is transferred genetically from one generation to the other.

This book is complicated indeed, but then this whole project is all about dissecting out the complex and integrated processes. The second chapter deals with the para conscious universe of the potential reality. As the heading goes, it is the study of the self in the entropy state. The universe of the present reality which remains the centre of investigation for scientists is well described through the eight intrinsic dimensions of the present reality. The enigma around the origin of space goes clarified distinctly. There is a dedicated section to unveil the gravitationally guided movement of many bodies within one system. Another interesting feature is the alliance of various astrological concepts into arousing para consciousness. The chapter further digs into the anti-universe and twin universe of the potential reality and many more unknown and never-walked upon routes to decipher the true meaning of our life and growth.

All in all, it is a pedantic approach of penning down a liberated thought process. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this project is certainly addictive and going to make a special niche for itself in the market.

Book- What Is Para Consciousness
Author- Vipin Gupta
Reviewed by Aashi Dewangan
Rating- 4.5/5

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