What Is Consciousness is the fifth book in Dr. Vipin Gupta’s grand project of deciphering the nature’s complex process in shaping human’s divinity. An academic approach, where the author amalgamates the scientific perspectives within the divine realm.

Worshipping God or believing in your divine power is quite different from each other. In this book, much like its predecessors, there is a visible effort to churn out our divine power through enlivening our consciousness. This in-depth analysis of consciousness is done over three chapters. It is more like an investigation of how humans conceive ideas, how we culturally discover our alternate reality and then subject it to scientific evaluation. The preface charts out how the varying reality is actually responsible for altering our consciousness. As the author talks about the theoretical realities, he draws out analogies with Einstein’s general theory of relativity. An intentional cohesion is put forth between cultural wisdom, science and metaphysics.

The first chapter is about knowing the limitations of our consciousness. It talks about the four dimensions of the conscious subjects; Divine, Sheeny, Guider and the Devil. Beside this analysis, there lies a thorough understanding of consciousness till the metaphysical level. There is a wonderful semblance created as the author sets the example of Newton’s discovery of gravity. Consciousness does play a role in identifying the happenings around. There is a constant emphasis on maintaining oneness with Mother Nature to investigate the present reality.

The consecutive chapter deals with the dimensions of the conscious methods. Be it social, devotional or emotional linkages; every concept has been explained diligently. In one of the sections, author clarifies the essentiality of implementing the methods of manifesting the researchable present reality. The book is meticulously crafted as it describes the supernatural growth into a unicellular body. The repeated usage of scientific analogies is what makes this stand apart. The third chapter is about the conscious nature of the present reality. It dissects on the octaves of technological growth of an organization. The science of reality taking and reality making is analysed which is again substantiated with the reality shaping. The volatile programming of work culture, spiritual system, emotional system and many more are taken into consideration while the author tries to make us aware of our consciousness. The science of ideal universe which is described as the ninth octave remains the centre of attraction.

Reviewing a book like this becomes a little difficult as you have to be very cautious about spilling out the spoilers. The essence of India’s ancient wisdom is carefully knitted to arouse our dynamic consciousness, of both the naturally scripted and divinely planned. To be honest, this book is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is complicated. In that case, Mother Nature is complicated too. All in all, this book or this whole project is a reflection of author’s determination in untangling the complex nature of our growth as an individual and also as an organization. It has the capacity to level out strategies at the divine level only to implement a better life for all of us.

Prolific. Scientific. Remarkable way to integrate Science and Scriptures. 5 Star.

Book: What Is Consciousness- The Factor Creating The Law Of Limitation
Author: Dr. Vipin Gupta
Reviewed By: Aashi Dewangan
Rating: 5/5

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