Is Divine Energy is the fourth book, independently published by Dr. Vipin Gupta in his twelve-book project for discovering the vastly integrated processes inside nature. The very first caution I would like to mention is; this whole project is designed chronologically and to understand this present book thoroughly the readers are requested to read the previous three instalments as well. 

The whole project is about studying the various integrated processes inside nature which shape our organizational reality. This book, in turn, offers an overall strategic awareness of the reality within and without us. It illuminates the solutions to make life desirable and focuses on the sentient well being of each child. There are 6 chapters, each one knocks at your notions of divine and divinity, raises queries to your conceptualization of reality. The first chapter focuses on depicting the divine to be more than just energy. As the book states, the divine element is immanent within each entity and is the source of energy. As you turn the pages, you get a detailed analysis of the divine element. An entity is more than just a soul who is capable of influencing the present reality and the present creature is the origin of the future reality. In short, the first chapter investigates the metaphysical nature of the divine element. The second chapter reveals the secret of our limitless immanent value and stressful living. It focuses on the inanimate nature of the present reality while the consecutive chapter is all about the animate subject of the present reality.

The concepts are complicated, but the lucid language and elaborate explanation will help the readers in understanding the close bonding between divine energy and present reality. The book further goes into an in-depth study of the objective of the present reality that forms the universe and shapes our technological growth. As the author sets the objective of present reality to be the cause of subjectivity and implicit bias, he also describes the necessity of enjoying the beauty of the present reality and making it your present life objective. There are scientific models described to show the limitations of scientific inquiry and scientific values. As you read further, you get to know the dynamic human effect models, organizational growth effect models which in turn, serve as a correction of the super-theory, super-ideal and various corporate factors. The concluding chapter talks about what is a present reality and whether the present is reality or not. It further chalks out about divine energy and raises the query if the divine is energy at all. Divinity, as described in this book, is one’s power to radiate the effect of one’s imagination for transforming someone’s divine energy. This book further demands a deep investigation of the various techniques for developing self-awareness of one’s divinity. 

Is Divine Energy is a deliberate effort to conjoin the knowledge stored in our ancient scriptures with the present world. I would suggest this book as a primary need for every organization which is looking out for a strategic management plan for wholesome growth. A 5/5 rating. Well explained, foolproof writing and very well researched. 


AUTHORS NAME:  Dr. Vipin Gupta
  Is Divine Energy: The Secret of the Limitless Immanent Value
REVIEWED BY :   Aashi Vats  at Criticspace Journals 
PUBLISHER: Independently Published
ORDER ON: AMAZON               
RATING:  5/5

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