These four words highlight the most common aspects of that phenomenon called Love. Even more so, when it’s one-sided. Just as the name suggests, this book is a beautiful compilation of poems about all the feelings and phases people usually go through before and after a heartbreak. Most notably, Author Shilpa has come out as creative with her poetry and the way she has presented these brilliant pieces. She has specified the word ‘Love’ in large font size and written a stanza of poetry on the first page break of the book. This no. (of stanzas) increases with each page break and the rest three words of the title have been used in the same sequence as the aforesaid. A reader is going to adore the technique even if not sure whether it’s rare or not.

Speaking of her writing style, it would be said that she has conveyed a deep sense through all her pieces of poetry. Her words are rather heart-warming along with being beautiful, of course. One would find a wow-worthy set of lines or stanzas quite frequently in the book. Most of these are briefly put and apt while compelling a reader to feel either romantic or nostalgic as s/he proceeds through the compilation.

sometimes you don’t chase things
they come running behind you
maybe you didn’t find this book
this book got lucky to find you

This is the first such set of lines in the book, followed by a whole trail of them, now and then.

“what do you get in return for enduring the  thorns of  a broken soul like me?” I asked.

he offered me what he was hiding behind in  his  hands and, “ roses!” he  said.

^ This being another such set. A plethora of emotions hidden in minimum words. That’s what it has been like, throught the book.

As much as Shilpa has talked of Love so beautifully as to mesmerize the readers, she has talked of Pain equally intensely to give goosebumps.

If Shilpa hasn’t failed to mention flowers, oceans, sun, moon, stars, fragrance while talking about Love, she remembers to add blood, bare, list, etc. while discussing Pain as well.

Of course, Shilpa’s words revolving around Feel and Heal have resulted as relevant too. Shilpa takes passion as the most significant tool to elaborate her views about Feel. And her description of Heal is so soothing that it might work magic on anyone’s wounds.

Conclusively, ‘Love.Feel.Pain.Heal.Repeat’ is an outstanding book for those who love to have deep conversations often. A willingness to read-only to kill time may pardon though. For, the book would be best understood by those who are actually able to connect with the intense meanings this compilation conveys. For, they are the ones to comprehend it’s true beauty. Anyone who is newly in love – or – has ever fallen and risen in love, will find this masterpiece close to heart. At the same time, who are still devoid of these feelings yet, might want to read it to imagine what it is like for the ones who have gone through it.

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