‘Mere Khayal’ – a collection of some long and some short poems is more or less like an inward journey that takes place. The poet realises her actions, learns various things and feels the corns and thorns of life along the way. Manisha is well aware how to write poems that can be liked and appreciated by the audience. This collection of nice and beautiful collection of poems makes poetry more appealing to the masses. The poet of this beautiful collection is one of the most respected poets of the modern Indian Hindi poetry fraternity. 

By the way, what have you been reading these days, readers? I was busy in reading the book by Manisha Yadava – a collection of poems. I got an opportunity to buy the book and read in the form of a book review. And believe me, reading the poems by Manisha was gives a pleasant and very satisfying experience as she writes about life experiences, the ups and downs of life that everyone has been facing in any journey. 

“Wo jaane kab badi ho gayi,
Mummy ki god se utar,
Kaanton ki sej par so gayi,
Wo jane kab badi ho gayi,
Frak pahan kar ghumti thi,
Aangan me papa ki ladli,
Aaj angaron pe chal gayi.”

This is one of my favourite lines from the poetry collection. It’s very amazing to see how deeply she observes and puts the feeling and emotion of a mother in the paper. Regarding the poetic skills of Manisha, there is not much to talk about but to experience and relish. If you try to find the lustre, you might not find in the words but in the emotions which ooze out of the chosen words by the poet. I read it not like reading a collection of poems but like reading a story in verse and I enjoyed it far more! Poetry is freedom and the verse is also free! The author enjoys the freedom given to this genre. It needs not to be the perfect but sensible and communicating. And all that is found in the poems in the collection with a long and reaching title Mere Khayal. 

These days, when we read poems? Seldom! Rarely! Not so often! There can be many excuses to define our callousness towards this beautiful genre of literature as we do not have too much time to invest in curves when we can easily get the thrill of reading and the pleasures of fiction in a comparatively straight form called novel. Many authors such as Chetan Bhagat know how to stand up to the expectations of the modern readers and that’s why even the amazing collections of poems such as the present one – “Mere Khayal” – miss our attention and we do not get a chance to read it. 

In a nutshell, the poems by Manisha Yadava can be enjoyed by every section of people and by every age. Every type of emotions can be enjoyed in her collection of poems “Mere Khayal” – sadness and happiness, doubt and faith, science and history. She has tried to present an amalgam of all to her readers and she has done a fair job nonetheless! You will like reading her verse and you should read this collection if you love to read poetry and keep an eye on what’s going on in the field these days. You can order the copy from the link given in the description. 


Author Name: Manisha Yadava
Book Title: Mere Khayal
Publisher: Notionpress, 2018
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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