Interests: Writing, Reading, Playing Piano

Birth Place: Mumbai, India

Hobbies: Swimming, Badminton, Roller skating, Crafts, Singing.

Glimplse of Interview between author Akshara Gupta and Criticspace Team 

Criticspace: Congratulations Author on your wonderful book “Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune”. Please share what response you are getting on your maiden work from the readers?

Akshara: I think the response to my book has been really good, so far. Readers have been getting back to me, expressing great feedback. It’s been lovely understanding that people are beginning to become quite fond of the book. 

Criticspace: Your journey as an author has just been started, since you are only 13 years old, what inspired you to be an Author?

Akshara: I’ve always admired books and everything about them. They’ve always given me company when I was bored, or when I had nothing to do. I think my inspiration to write a book began when I wrote a few sentences on a topic that got published in the school diary. That boosted me to write more over the years. 

Criticspace: Congratulations on publication of your book. How do you feel seeing your book in print?

Akshara: It feels spectacular, really. I feel so proud of myself whenever I see the book, not only in my hands but in other people’s too. It’s great having my name along with my work in a book for people to read and recognize. 

Criticspace: Author, please share your inspiration behind writing this book?

Akshara: In general, I’d say that I wanted to do something productive over the holidays and I came up with the idea of writing a book. As I wrote, I began to realize how fun and enjoyable it could be. 

Criticspace: What describes you the best?

Akshara: I would describe myself as one who’s organized, caring, nature-loving and tolerating. This is mostly because I’ve learned these attributes over time, as moving countries and being exposed to many cultures teaches one a lot. 

Criticspace: As a young author you must be fond of reading. Who are the writers you look up to?

Akshara: Yes, I love reading. I’ve looked up to writers like John Green, J.K Rowling, Rick Riordan, and Suzanne Collins. They’re the authors of best-sellers around the world, making them an inspiration for authors like me. 

Criticspace: What is your current goal in writing career?

Akshara: My goal at the moment is to write three or more books by the time I reach grade 12. It may be difficult, but I would like to achieve it. 

Criticspace: Describe the friendship Alison had with Juliana?

Akshara: In the book, I’ve tried to describe their relationship as a more sisterly kind, much less a friendship. But, of course, they are not sisters. They’ve only grown up together. 

Criticspace: Do you believe in luck? How would you describe it?

Akshara: I do believe in luck as well as karma. They both cannot exist without the other. Some can be lucky, some cannot. I think it also depends on the right timing, blessings and whether a greater spirit is in your favour. 

Criticspace: Your favourite character from the book?

Akshara: I wouldn’t say I’ve got a favorite, but if I really had to choose, it would be Stevie, since he’s got a few tricks up his sleeves, though, I hadn’t mentioned it in Luck in a Locket: Medieval Misfortune. I guess the readers might just have to stay tuned for my next book. 

Criticspace: Any message for readers regarding the book?

Akshara: My target audience for this book is 11+ years old. I want my readers to know that since a few have asked about why I’ve written a contemporary fantasy. The language, I feel, is well enough for an eleven-year-old to comprehend without much difficulty. 

Criticspace: Are you writing other books as well? Please let us know about the same.

Akshara: At the moment, I’ve already plotted the next book. I would like to make Luck in a Locket a duology or a trilogy, depending on where my writing takes me. I’ve got other ideas too, therefore I may write other books simultaneously. 

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview.

Akshara: Thanks a lot! 

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