Laulyam: An Intense Desire With 20 Poems

What is love? Is it about the relationship between human beings only? Love is about selflessly empowering and serving others. Love means serving the Lord. Serving the Lord is beyond bodily concept but this body is the only means to serve Lord which is rare. Through her book, the author Rozy showcases how to serve and love God in an ample way. The author Rozy is a bhakti yoga practitioner, a healer, women with a profound thought.

How many times do the book lovers read poems these days? ‘Seldom’, ‘Rarely’, ‘Not so often’, ‘Will read something else’ – there might be many phrases to define our callousness towards this beautiful genre of literature because we do not have too much time to invest in curves when we can easily get the thrill of reading and the pleasures of fiction in a comparatively straight form called novel. Trust me! Readers are preferring the novels most these days. The author knows how to stand up to the expectations of the modern readers and that’s why even the amazing (and rather less time-consuming) collections of poems like the one present, Laulyam: An Intense Desire with 20 Poems, miss our attention.

I thought to write this article to draw your attention to this beautiful collection of poems which I read last weekend.

Have you read the collection yet?


The readers who have read this book have mostly given positive responses because the collection of poems, Laulyam: An Intense Desire with 20 Poems, as the title suggests, is weird without a doubt. It offers love, happiness, desire and not very clear stream of thoughts. Perhaps, this is what the poet Rozy would have thought us to think!

My tears are ink, my thirsty heart is paper

I am an instrument of your hand.

Mould me.

My only identification is Krishna’s

Nitya daasa.

At times, the lines connect immediately and we just find out what they are trying to convey; that might be because we all have that corner in our thoughts.

Rating: I will keep my rating 4/5 for the debut poet. The collection is surely going to put a sweet smile on the face of poetry readers. Are you ready to take the challenge of reading really amazing poems? Go on … the book is for you only!


Author Name: Rozy S. Paul
Book Title: Laulyam : An Intense Desire With 20 Poems
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing; 1 edition (29 November 2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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