I,  Abhay Kumar, am doing a job in the agriculture department as a ‘Block Agriculture Coordinator’ in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. Today, I am trying to write my feeling about a book ‘Kohinoor in You: Adventure of a Modern Writer’.

First of all, I would congratulate the author for writing this type of motivational book. It is your second book. It is really a nice book. Anyone can read it. As compared to the first book ‘Mind Gives Opportunity’, it is written in easy language. It can be understood by everyone.

Due to my busy schedule, I could not give more time to read initially. I read gradually, like one chapter in a day. As I went through the book and proceeded to the next chapter, I was filled with a lot of things and thoughts. I was gaining more interest. As a result, I completed this book within a few days. I will like to re-read this book again. Every chapter is composed of potential words and sentences.

All the chapters in this book are very important to gain knowledge and making a life successfully. Most of the motivational sentences and view are taken from spirituals story (like The Ramayana, The Gita, The Koran, The Bible), yours straggling and successfully life (from beginning to present) and your family (specially, Nanaji) etc.

I want to tell you one thing, you should give advice to write about general time table that is very necessary to achieve any dreams. I personally request you to give advice and share your experience to make it easy. And also discuss in details about daily time table or for a long time.

This is among those books that change views on certain aspects of life. The book makes you reconsider your actions, your attitude, the behaviour of life and the loved ones. Really the story of this book is about the journey of life. 


Author Name: Mukesh Kumar Shahi
Book Title: Kohinoor In You
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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