Mehul Kaku’s latest novel #Karma is a novel that can be enjoyed by the readers of any age group. It has the potential of being a perfect read that can keep the readers engaged till the last part; moreover, the novel by Mehul has also the elements of a very communicating ‘contemporary realism’ that portrays the realities of the modern India – friendship, dreams, corporate culture, depression and so on …. So, in short, we at criticspace did not only enjoy the novel by Mehul but also learnt a few lessons from this interesting as well as enlightening novel. He is offering his opinions; he is sharing his thoughts; he is experiencing with the readers and also making the readers experience the anguish, fear and different perspectives of thoughts that the characters are experiencing in the novel.

Once you begin reading it, I am sure you will gain more interest in moving ahead and reading all the thoughts of the author. This 187 paged book has a lot to say by the author engraved on each page of this book. Love, friendship, desire, dreams, tragedies, love – the author has connected all the elements so well that the readers of any interest groups can easily read the book and comprehend the sense and hidden allusions without any trouble. This is, I will say, something that should be a must read for any author who is willing to write contemporary fiction. This is a book which will surely be read in just two or three go because it’s so interesting that in spite of not being a lucrative fiction, the book holds much of the thing called charm!

Mehul’s plot is interesting. Coming to the story it’s all about the dreams of two friends, Monty and Parth. Both work with an Indian corporate giant and try to accomplish their dreams. The author has beautifully explained their friendship, love and chemistry. The corporate culture has also been very well defined by Mehul in today’s scenario. Later on, both friends realise Monty’s dream and they chase their passion. Monty comes across a situation where he had no choice left other than taking a hard decision. Will this change their future? Will they be able to turn their passion into a profession? If yes, then how? Read the book #KARMA by Mehul Kaku and find out all these answers. I will not be spoiling your interest by revealing the complete story in my review 🙂

My Review: It’s a perfect read for youngsters and also other age groups who are having interest in novels. I don’t have any special negative marks for the author so I will conclude my review with 4.5/5 ratings. The link is given in the description where from you can get a copy of it. 32 chapters and 187 pages with an interesting story makes #Karma a must read. Go for it, readers! Happy Reading! 

Know the Author: Based out of Mumbai, Mehul Kaku is a voracious reader and author of the books ‘Strings of Friendship’ and ‘#Karma’. He also runs Book Swap Library, which has been associated with Notablke events and Literary Festivals across the country.


Author Name:  Mehul Kaku
Book Title:  #Karma
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications (20 September 2018)
Review By: Criticspace Journals

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