Essential Tips For Authors Starting Their Podcasts

In the previous blog, we discussed the reasons that why should authors start their own podcasts, while now in this write-up we are going to take a step further. As we are going to discuss the essential tips for authors starting their podcasts so that the authors start their podcasts on the right foot. Although podcasts have been around for quite some time, yet most of the authors simply have not taken advantage of the platform as fully as they could. By starting their own podcast shows, the authors can make a huge impact, as this will open up an entire new sector to promote their books and their brand too. Moreover, this will give the authors a chance to come out as true pioneers in the segment of author podcasting!

Starting a podcast requires time, effort, planning, and some special equipment too if you want to do it in the right manner. Therefore, it is advised to set aside the time (make a proper schedule) for this special job, if you are willing to put forth the effort to make it count and work great for you. Therefore, today we shall focus on the planning for the authors’ podcast. As before you start talking into the mic, you need to have an idea about what your podcast is all about. 

Well, here we present some of the essential tips for authors starting their podcasts –

Determine your Podcast’s theme and format

What is your podcast going to be about? Are you going to interview fellow authors or book lovers? Do you plan to talk about the writing process? Will you use the platform to provide audio samples of your works? The possibilities for your podcast are limitless, but you have to focus on a theme and format before you get started. Otherwise, the process will become overwhelming. When you pinpoint your focus on what your podcast will actually be, it will be much easier to produce on a regular basis!

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See what else is out there

Although author podcasts are few and far between, we recommend that you search iTunes for podcasts that may be similar to what you have in mind. This will help you avoid duplicating what other podcasters are doing, but it will also help you focus on what will make your podcast stand out. See what is out there, and then build your podcast in the niche where no one else is operating.

Come up with a Great Title

This is where you really want to get your creative juices flowing! What will your readers and potential fans find enticing? You can certainly follow the “Author Name Podcast” formula, but it is advisable that you spice it up a little bit. Perform a bit of research into the keywords that will appeal to your readers, and see if you can incorporate those into your podcast’s title or subtitle!

Generate an amazing Podcast Description

You might know it very well that what your podcast is going to be all about, but how are you going to describe it to your listeners? Well, at this stage you will want to do two things – work on a concise, intriguing elevator pitch that you can use to describe your podcast in 10 seconds or less; and write a compelling description for iTunes.

Create compelling Podcast Artwork

Yes, podcasting is an audio medium, but if you do not have a compelling visual component, you are going to have trouble attracting new fans who may be browsing podcasts in the iTunes store or elsewhere. The square image associated with your podcast will be many readers’ first impression, so it is crucial to get it right. It is also, what appears on device screens, making it especially important. Be it is a relevant picture of yours as an author, or an eye-catching piece of art that ties into your main podcast theme; it pays to take some time with this step!

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If you are seriously thinking of becoming an author podcaster then make sure that you do it in the right manner. Therefore, please make sure to follow these critical steps in getting your podcast off the ground and take the full advantages of this path.

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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