Why Should Authors Start Their Own Podcasts?

Hey, if I tell you that the prevailing trend of ‘Podcasts’ have the potential to change your world then would you believe it? Well, you can find it out yourself as today we are going to cover some of those primary reasons that may convince you to start your own Podcast. Now, as authors you know it very well that your ‘Author Platforms’ are the keys to your success, but the stability & the potential growth of your platforms depend on your ability to engage in effective content marketing!

As an author, when you think about content marketing it is probably easy to see the benefits of blogging, building an email list & engaging on the social media platforms. After all, those avenues involve you expressing yourself through the written words, which is what you do best. However, the value of podcasting might not be apparent and yet it is the next best thing for those authors, who are looking for effective manners of content marketing. Therefore, in this write-up we are going to discuss about the biggest reasons that may encourage you authors to have your own podcasts.

Well, the primary reasons why should authors start their own podcasts are –

You can reach more people with Audio & Video

We tend to think of the readers and the book lovers as people who spend all of their time reading. However, as much as your fans love reading your books, they also need to drive to work, make dinner, exercise and engage in all sorts of activities that do not allow for burying their noses in book pages!

Book lovers tend to be big consumers of podcasts, which allow them to engage with words, ideas & stories when they are unable to read. Through podcasting, you give fans as well as your potential readers the ability to engage with your content when they are simply unable to read your words. Moreover, through video podcasts you can reach readers during those times we all experience, when we would just rather watch a screen than power through another page.

Adding depth & dimension to your brand

Your brand is made up of a lot of things, but primarily it is built up on your writing. Through blogging & other forms of content marketing, you expand & add depth to the perception that your readers carries about you. However, that perception is based only on the words, making it as a two-dimensional mechanism of interaction. When you podcast, you add a tremendous amount of depth & dimension to your brand. Your words become buoyed by your unique voice. People can hear the ways in which you express yourself, turning you into more than just an abstract idea of a person who writes books that they enjoy. Through podcasting, you give your readers another entry point into your brand, and an additional aspect that they can hold onto in an easy manner!

You will be breaking new grounds

Undoubtedly, podcasts are huge & it seems like everyone listens to at least one on a regular basis these days. Nevertheless, podcasts by authors are surprisingly rare. This means that if you start podcasting, you will be providing content in a sector that few other authors have even considered, giving you the opportunity to be a true pioneer. Well, to understand it in another way you may consider this step as the ‘First Mover Advantage’ to understand the benefits of podcasting for the authors.

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Therefore, podcasting is a great way to distinguish yourself & generate some buzz around your brand in a marketplace where you will find very little competition. There is a big opportunity for authors in the field of podcasting. So, will you be taking the advantage of it?

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