Dr. Amitava Ghosh, in his book, “The Realm of India’s Employment Law and the Indian Constitution,” educates the readers with the facts that exist, and they may be unaware of them.

As children grow up to become adults, everyone dreams of a settled life with decent employment and the ability to earn enough to fulfill their needs and should know the benefits. In the midst of this, people tend to be unaware of the fact that they live in a world that can exploit them since that is the way of the world after all. An awareness of the rights and the conditions in which a person can and should work would only be beneficial for all the ones who are knowledgeable of it.

Dr. Ghosh begins by briefing about the Constitution of India, which the base of the discussion about the Employment Laws which is to follow in the consecutive 29 chapters.

Author talks of various aspects surrounding employment which begin from the day a person is employed to the day he retires. Therefore, the book is like a complete guide for every person in employment today or someday. Alongside, he also includes the necessary changes in “The Realm of India’s Employment Law and the Indian Constitution” that have been done with time and mentions them wherever needed. This makes the book rich in terms of content and an updated piece of information for all those who would read it today.

Dr. Ghosh talks in detail about how things should be for a person, shares his knowledge after thorough research, and presents it to the readers in a language that is easy to understand. Reading “The Realm of India’s Employment Law and the Indian Constitution”  would be helpful and valuable for all readers, whether they read fiction or non-fiction, as it shares practical knowledge which would be beneficial at any stage of life.

In light of this, recommending the book to all readers would only imply doing justice to the book’s subject matter. Younger readers would find the book enriching to their needs of the times that lie ahead of them, and readers who are already in employment would find the book helpful in updating their existing knowledge and adding on to it further.

Hence, recommending this book to all readers would only be beneficial for them. Another attraction would be the jargon-free language that the author uses and makes the book reading easy for even a person who is not from the legal field. The presence of jargon would have reduced the readers’ interests, but the author avoids that and makes the book’s language friendly to the readers’ understanding.

They attain clarity in one or two readings since there is a lot of content that needs to be closely read and understood. To conclude, everyone can read the book and enrich their Employment Law knowledge which is of utmost importance in today’s competitive time.

Book Title: The Realm of India’s Employment Law and the Indian Constitution
Author: Dr Amitava Ghosh
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing

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